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Many webmasters choose WordPress to set up their Internet marketing site, as it is simple to update, user friendly and also loved by search engines. I have also been looking for WordPress plugins to make the most out of my blogs. The plan was to create a simple registration page that adds people on an autoresponder series after confirmation, therefore, members would become more active. I have tried many free and cheap plugins, without any success. They either did not communicate with other plugins, or did not have a drip function.

What is Drip Content?

Drip content in WordPress membership sites is a clever concept that allows you to release the training materials, videos or audios during a certain period. You can set up the content to be delivered weekly, monthly or daily. You are also able to create tasks for members, get feedback and place them on an autoresponder series that sends them updates automatically. WP Drip is able to increase your profits per membership site customer, as they would be more motivated to carry on being a paid member.


How Can WP Drip Help You?

WP Drip is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily maintain your membership site, add content, restrict view and deliver the material automatically. There is no need to manually set up access for customers and follow up how many weeks they have been in your program. The WP Drip plugin does it automatically. You can also recycle your old materials and deliver them as new. For example, if you have a training that has ten modules, some members would be able to access the first 3, as they have been members for 3 months, while the ones who just joined will have access to module 1 only.


Can WP Drip be Installed on Different Sites?

There are two different versions of WP Drip. One is to be installed on one site, and you can also get the multiple site module with unlimited installation.


WordPress Plugin Installation Made Simple

WordPress plugins can be a little tricky, when it comes to installation. Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro have created step-by-step videos to help you get started. All the menus and settings are straightforward, so you only have to create the settings once, and all the rules will be applied.
Drip Content

WordPress Content Made More Valuable

If your WordPress site members know that you continuously have more to give them, they are likely to stay longer with you. This is plain psychology, and if people are given tasks and training material on a regular basis, they are more likely to return than if they had no restrictions. Many people cancel their membership because they suffer from information overload. This problem can easily be solved by WP Drip.