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If you have a WordPress site and would like to get your readers more engaged, the WordPress Auto Signup is the solution. I have myself tried many WordPress membership plugins, in vain. They were even not working with one of the other plugins, or were extremely hard to set up. Although, if you are with Aweber, you can use the free registration integration plugin that adds people on your mailing list after double opt-in confirmation, other autoresponders do not do the same.


What WP AutoSignup Does

The simple WordPress script allows you to add people on your list and even groups without having to ask for the information again. When you do have different levels of membership on your site, you would like to send out different messages to members, based on their subscription. Simply create a series for bronze, silver and gold clients, and they will be kept updated about the content in the membership area, as well as your promotions.


Email Marketing and Membership Sites

I had been running membership sites for about a year before I discovered that most people never returned. I was looking for ways to get them engaged in the discussion, even when they were free members. Getting people to upgrade might take time, and to make sure that you get the chance, you need to create an email marketing campaign that is built in your WordPress membership site.


Increase your Membership Retention with WP AutoSignup

With WP AutoSignup, you can increase both the conversion and retention rates of the membership site, while sending out relevant updates to new and old members. The installation of the plugin is simple, and you will be able to create special offers for loyal customers as well.


The Benefits of WP AutoSignup for Customers

Customers do not like signing up for the same site more than once. This would mean that they would not enter their information the second time, to get updates. You lose contact, and possibly they will never return again. By being able to add members on your list with one signup would make customers’ life easier, as long as you communicate the list subscription clearly.


The Cost of WP AutoSignup

Now, the WP AutoSignup is free of charge. It is not guaranteed that the authors would not charge you in the future; therefore, you should review the details and get it as soon as possible, to maximize your online profits.