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Posted by Adalberto Mangini

Our beautiful cheetahs @Mukuni Big 5 – Zambia
– during one of our volunteer staying –

Well, sometimes we find on our African pictures comments from people who doubt about our African activity. This is a reasonable reaction, that’s why we decided to post some clarification directly on the pictures for all those who can pass through here. Of course all comments are well accepted and we will be glad to answer to all of you. This is part of our work.

We thank all people who comment our shots with our big cats with these kind of notes:
What many people don’t realize is that once fully grown up those lions go to the canned hunting industry…

This information can be very useful for people who are not aware about this big sad “industry”. Just to let you know, we work in this center since 4 years and I can assure you that all our animals growing here will then be released in a safe area where no farms, no hunters, no shoots will be allowed except for Photo shooting. After so many years in Africa we are enough well informed about this kind of industry and , of course, we would not work and spend all our energies and money for such a market. Our aim is just conservation and breeding program. I could write papers and papers, but it t would be much easier for everybody to have a look in internet at our center : Mukuni Big 5 Safaris
Many other information can be found just typing the name of the center or our names in internet, Facebook etc..

Here in Flickr we have many friends and contacts and they know very well that what we do for these animals is just focused to the safeguard of nature and wildlife.

Further to this, we also have deep information about other centers created for the canned hunting industry. It’s not easy to fight them, the governments of many states support this business. But we do what we can through information and some other ways .

Al people interested, are very welcome to join us as volunteering or just for a visit during a possible trip in the area.

Thanks however for your comment which allowed us to give some more information to people .
Laura Bongiorni
Adalberto Mangini

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