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Being an affiliate is a situation that can give you freedom, but you will be dependent on the merchant and their marketing team. No matter how much traffic you are sending to the offer, there is a chance that you will not make any sale, and it is not your fault. You have two options; start again, or build your list, so you can market a better converting offer to the same people. Below you will find a few tips on how to build your own email list.

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Lead Capture Before Affiliate Links

If you are just starting up with affiliate marketing, you might be keen on getting as much traffic to the offers as possible. However, this is not the best way of building a business. In the best case scenario you will make a sale, but not have the ability to sell to the same people again. In the worst case, you will spend time and effort and get no sales or leads. That is why you will need to create a gateway page that will allow you to capture the leads before they are presented with the offer and make a decision whether or not to buy from the company you are promoting.

Autoresponder Integration to Your Blog

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If you don’t want to create an offer or a separate page, you can integrate your autoresponder into your blog, so anyone who signs up for your updates will be added to a list. This means that you will be able to send out updates on the latest products and blog posts, provided that they have confirmed their subscription. This is an easy and effortless way of building your own list as an affiliate.

Create Your Own Free Offer

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In case you would like to build your list faster, you will need to create an irresistible offer that will allow you to get more signups, preferably a couple a day. You might want to purchase private label digital products, or write your own short report to give away in exchange for your visitors’ contact details. You have to provide value, though, or you will not see your list grow.

Add Your Bonuses

Another great way of adding people to your email list while making sales as an affiliate is adding your own bonuses. If you have a manual, guide, free product you can throw in, you will need to tell your visitors about it. This will help them make a decision to buy from you and not another affiliate promoting the same offer.

Create a Separate Buyers’ List

Once you have started building your list, you can start segmenting it. If people have bought through your links before, or got a low ticket item from you, chances are that it will be easier to sell them again than to people who are after the freebies only. Email list segmentation is simple, and you can do it automatically.

A Mailing List Is Your Number One Asset In Affiliate Marketing

You should not forget that an email list is something that is one of the most valuable assets an internet marketer can have. No matter if the merchant cancels the offer or goes bankrupt, you can still carry on making money on other offers, or selling similar product of your own.

Mastering list building and email markeitng as an affiliate is a must. Almost everything I know about email lists is from one source: Anik Singal. If you would like to test drive his training, you can sign up for his free Inbox Blueprint Webinar and master the number one skill you need to succeed in any digital marketing venture.