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If you have been following affiliate trainers and marketers in the past few years, you must have heard about Anik Singal. The lead generation master and great trainer has just come out with some great free content, ready to be released on Aug. However, I have received an email from him about the content and below you will find some information about what he has to offer and what he thinks the main reason for people failing at affiliate marketing is.  

Lack of List Building

If you don’t have a chance to keep in touch with your market, you are not likely to make money. It is not enough to send an email or get someone to visit your site once. Instead, you should look for a way to get them hooked up and come back for more. This will help you build closer and more meaningful relationships, while giving out something for free, If you are not building your mailing list, you are doing something seriously wrong, and you will not make it in the world of internet marketing.

No Clear Strategy

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It is important that you have a plan. You would not start an offline business without a plan and a budget, so why do you think that this is acceptable when it comes to online marketing? Some affiliate marketers jump from one product to the next, without giving their strategies a chance to start working. You need to focus on one niche, product, and target customer type first. You can’t build multiple sales funnels until you become an expert at this strategy.  

Outdated Marketing

If you like saving money on affiliate marketing training, chances are that you have picked up some free resources that are being given away. There’s nothing wrong with trying to cut back on your affiliate training costs, but you will have to make sure that the materials are adequate and up to date. If you are using outdated marketing methods, chances are that you will never get enough visitors to get conversions. Instead, you should try to find an affiliate training membership that will consistently deliver new information and tools.

No Personal Branding

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Even though you are promoting other people’s products as an affiliate marketer, you should not forget about branding yourself and building your unique image online. You need to position yourself on the market as an expert, or you will not be able to effectively communicate with your audience. Have your own website and be sure to create an email list, your own product or free gift that will create reciprocity.


Some experts say that affiliate marketing is about trial and error. You will have to test various offers and markets before you can find the right combination of promotion methods. You might be unsuccessful with marketing one product or landing page, but others will give you great conversion rates. This is why you must test and tweak all your campaigns and make adjustments to your strategy accordingly.

Not Being Ready to Learn

Unfortunately, many people will try to convince you online that if you follow a certain training or blueprint you are guaranteed success. This is far from the truth, Instead of falling for the hype, invest in your own education and make sure that you are ready to learn from trusted and reputable people. Remember the old saying that people who can’t do the job will be leaders or teachers. Don’t waste your money on ineffective training, and read affiliate marketing product reviews before you hit the buy button.

Invisible Online Marketing

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Image via Carlos Muza@kmuza

You might be doing everything right, according to the training guide, but you are still not achieving results. Chances are that you are barking up the wrong tree, and you are not reaching your audience. If your personal brand and offers are invisible for your market, you will not make money. If your marketing is not visible, you are going to fail at becoming a successful entrepreneur. You need to figure out where your audience is hiding. They might be searching for solutions on social media, forums, blogs, or training directories. If you know your customer you can market to them more effectively.


If you are planning on making money online, it is important that you create a sales funnel that engages with your website visitors and creates a strong personal brand. Only after you have completed this step you can start promoting other people’s products and earn affiliate commissions. Anik Singal will show you in his book how it’s done. Watch this place and subscribe for updates, so you can take advantage of the free resources. It is called eScape, and is launcinig in 8 days. In the meantime, you should check out other resources from Anik Singal and find out more about his reputation and  affiliate marketing teaching methods.