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There are literally thousands of people starting up affiliate marketing every week, and most of them will give up before they would succeed. If you would like to  know whether or not you are wasting your time and money, you might want to complete a reality check and find out if you have what it takes to become a successful affiliate. Below you will find a few things to consider before you dip your toes in.

Willingness to Learn

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In most cases, whether or not you will succeed as an entrepreneur will have nothing to do with which buttons you click or who you are. It will not even have anything to do with your qualifications. In fact, you are likely to have to learn everything fresh and forget what you know about traditional marketing to succeed. Investing in your business and your learning will make a huge difference and set you apart from the competition.


Once you have decided that you will learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and online traffic generation tools, you will have to select the right training and trainer. If you are looking for someone who will teach you what they know, look at their reputation as an affiliate first, and then check out their training programs. For example, Anik Singal has generated his own sales funnels and built a huge list before he trained over 250,000 students and released his free eBook: eSCAPE.


Chances are that you are not going to get all the tips and tricks included in the training program and will need someone to hold your hand and help you out. Whether you are joining an online classroom or taking advantage of one-on-one training, you are likely to get better results than without the personal coaching. You will need someone you can work with and relate to, so you can progress faster.


A lot about internet marketing depends on your attitude. If you are expecting immediate results, you are likely to get disappointed. You must be determined to succeed and become your own leader. An entrepreneurial attitude involves persistence and being able to connect with people. If you don’t tune in the mind of your audience, you can never get them to trust you and buy from you.


You also need the right resources to work for you. If you are not planning on investing in your website and SEO tools, don’t expect traffic to flood your pages. You will need to brand yourself before you can try and recommend products and services from other merchants. Resources can be free products you give away to your visitors to build reciprocity, or a marketing budget.

Emotional Support

If your environment is not a hundred percent behind you, chances are that your job will be much harder. You might want to say goodbye to people who don’t believe in you and try to bring you down. This will lead to some difficult decisions, but it is all for the better. You want like-minded people to surround you and support you all the way.


If you are trying to manually take care of all your internet marketing, you will never beat the super affiliates who are using the latest software and tools. You will be able to keep an eye on your traffic and conversions, making adjustments in your campaigns in a timely manner, and getting the right balance of promotion and targeting sooner.

Becoming an internet marketer and trying to make a living as an affiliate can be challenging. If you want to increase your chances for success, make sure that you change your attitude and embrace the mindset of successful entrepreneurs. We recommend that you check out Anik Singal’s free eBook, eSCAPE available for a limited time, offering some clarity in the confusing world of affiliate marketing.