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Affiliate marketing seems to be simple but why is it then that about 97% of the people fail? There are many reasons, and in case you are just thinking about giving affiliate marketing a go, you need to read on to find out what are going to be the greatest challenges you will face on your journey. The most important thing you need to know that only people who do affiliate marketing as a real business can succeed. No matter if it is just a business online, you do not have a physical shop, your main task is still to sell other people’s products.

There are many ways of affiliate marketing

You can become a great affiliate marketing in many ways. Just because you come across some so called gurus swearing that their business is the golden nugget and you have to follow them, it is not guaranteed to work for you, too. You need to work out your own sales funnel and affiliate marketing methods in order to become successful. Nobody can set up a personalized action plan for you. You can learn from other affiliates, but work the methods your own way.

There is a difference between affiliate marketing and referral marketing

So many people are confused about affiliate marketing and referral (network) marketing. The two things are not the same at all. If the main aim of the so called affiliate program is to refer new members to the site who are also referring new members, it is called MLM and not affiliate marketing. You need to provide real value in the offers, otherwise you might end up working for a company that is not even legitimate or they do not have any products to sell other than the membership fee. Affiliate marketing is free to join.

You do not have to master all the methods to succeed

The greatest misconception most starting up affiliate marketers have is that they have to try everything under the Sun to succeed. However mastering one income and traffic generation method is much more profitable than doing many things half-hearted. You need to determine which tactics suit your background and abilities, then keep on going until you succeed.

You need to be good at testing

It is more than likely that your first campaign you set up as an affiliate marketer is not going to be a huge success. You need to keep on going and testing the offers until you find the right formula that gives you results. It is important that you set up a testing and tracking system from the beginning to be able to improve your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Consistency is the main key of affiliate marketing

People do not fail in affiliate marketing. They give up. You need to ensure that you are not making the same mistake. You can not expect results from one campaign, you need to create a momentum that is getting you results. Until you reach that stage, keep on going.