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If you were wondering whether the new Instant Internet Lifestyle training from Lee McIntyre is a real deal, you would like to read an expert review from an Internet marketer, who has been through the training. I have been following the career of Lee McIntyre for years, and was aware of the Instant Internet Lifestyle workshop at the time. Unfortunately, at that point in my business I could not afford to attend, so when the new training came out at a discounted price instead of the 1000-dollar live training, I jumped on the deal.


What Is the Instant Internet Lifestyle Exactly About?

It is containing over 12 hours of video training of Lee McIntyre’s workshop; people paid $1000 to get into. It covers all the aspects of setting up a successful Internet marketing system from scratch. It does not cover affiliate-marketing methods, as Lee McIntyre thinks that the best way to make money online is to create your own product. The Instant Internet Lifestyle is designed to help you work less by automating your sales funnel and setting up your affiliate program to make people generate traffic for you. Even if you have no products or JV partners at the moment, you can copy the exact same system Lee McIntyre used to get to over $250.000 a month from scratch.


How can the Instant Internet Lifestyle help you build your Sales Funnel?

You will see that the Instant Internet Lifestyle is a step-by-step training program, helping you finding a niche, choosing a topic, creating a product fast and selling it. It does not cover age-old and non-working traffic generation methods and you can see that the blueprints, sales and squeeze page templates will help you a lot. He will review the steps of video sales letter creation, and reveal the trigger words making people buy. Nothing is left out of the Instant Internet Lifestyle.


Why is it Important to Follow an Exact Blueprint?

If you keep on looking for that magic button, you will not be able to focus on your Internet marketing, and achieve success. However, when you follow the steps of successful Internet marketers, you will get where you want faster.


Is the Instant Internet Lifestyle Suitable for Newbies?

I honestly believe that Lee McIntyre’s system is suitable for newbies, and as it covers all the steps from product creation to marketing, adding upsells and continuity to your sales funnel, it is one of the best newbie-friendly training modules out there.


Why is Lee McIntyre’s Instant Internet Lifestyle Different?

Lee McIntyre used to be a teacher, and has a special talent to get the message through in a way, even inexperienced people can understand. He does not make Internet marketing look complicated, and after you finish your training, you will look at the Instant Internet Lifestyle system as one of the simplest and easiest methods out there.


What did the Instant Internet Lifestyle Help Me Achieve?

I have managed to improve my conversions on both my affiliate marketing side of the business, and sales on my own products. I followed the blueprints and used the templates to generate more conversions. I set up my own affiliate program and see my statistics improving every day. Internet marketing does not look that hard anymore, and I can say that it did worth the investment of less than $20 into the Instant Internet Lifestyle.