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Affiliate marketers tend to give up promotions well before they would achieve success. There are several reasons why some people succeed and become super-affiliates and others are struggling to make their hosting fee or win back the money they spent on advertising. Are you one of those people who are about to give up affiliate marketing for good? Before you do, read on.

 The Problem with Affiliate Marketing

The problem with affiliate marketing is that there are loads of e-books and so-called tutorials available on the market, the majority of them are not covering the aspects in details, therefore giving you an average overview of affiliate marketing and tactics, don’t give you a step-by-step tutorial. As the products are targeting a huge audience of wanna-be affiliate marketers, they are usually general guides and don’t provide product or niche specific information.

Proven Affiliate Methods?

There is no “one proven way” to make money using affiliate marketing online, and sometimes you will suffer form information overload. You are told that this is the holy grail, then you are told differently, you try one method after the other without really mastering any of them. You have to remember, that those “so -called” Gurus are not the masters of every single affiliate promotion methods, how could they? They simply found one or two ways to make a good affiliate revenue, and by consistently using them, they finally managed to master them through testing and tweaking.

 Affiliate Success

If you are trying to do too many things at the same time, you will never succeed. You have to pick one or two methods that you test at a time in your affiliate marketing. These methods have to be easy to do and suit your personality. For example if you like writing, and are a creative person, you can easily create valuable content and promote that way. But if you have never felt like you can write down more than two sentences, you might struggle with this method. But you might still be a “numbers and statistics” person, so you can analyze keywords and utilize this knowledge in SEO or search marketing. You need to pick the affiliate marketing tactic that suits your knowledge and you somehow enjoy doing, because you have to stick with it for a long time without giving up.


Picking the Right Products

You are most likely to be told by the merchant how much money affiliates are making promoting their products, but the same offer doesn’t work equally for every single person. Your results are going to depend on your traffic generation and promotion methods as well as your position in your niche. So try to find a product that will solve a very common problem loads of people are actively looking for a solution.

 Positioning Your Offer

What is your position in your niche? If you are an expert you have to let people know. It would help if you had publications, blogs articles, or you would give away free reports on the same topic. Therefore it will build up rapport with your potential customers and give you credibility.

 Winning Affiliate Promotions

You have to get rid of the promotions that don’t work. Just because other affiliates are making loads of money promoting a product, it doesn’t mean guarantee success. If an affiliate product doesn’t convert, after about 200 visitors you have to change something to the better. If it still doesn’t work, you can still keep on trying to tweak and test the offer and landing page, but after a couple of tries you need to replace it. Although if you have a very well converting offer you have to concentrate on generating traffic to that landing page, instead of wasting time and energy (possibly money) on the offers that are not bringing in affiliate revenue.