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If you are just getting started with Clickbank affiliate marketing, you might not be able to determine which offers to choose from the hundreds of thousands of different offers. When you are getting started as a Clickbank affiliate, you might want to follow people, who have already been successful in affiliate marketing. The Tim Bekker affiliate program incorporates training and profitability, making sure that you maximize your earnings with Clickbank affiliate marketing. If you would like to get free training and great offers at your hands, saving time on researching different offers, read our CBLeads review below.


Tim Bekker – Top Clickbank Affiliate

Tim Bekker has been a top affiliate of Clickbank for several years in a row. He also has his own Clickbank affiliate training systems, showing people how to get started with campaigns and becoming successful on the Internet. The Make Me a Millionaire and the Whitehat Copycat were among the bestselling video training series. You can trust his guts, instead of yours, if you would like to pick the right Clickbank affiliate offers and maximize your results. You can read plenty of reviews of his program, and the free Clickbank affiliate training he offers for everyone is one of the most powerful on the market. You will see that only the top converting offers are featured on the CBLeads site. The best thing is that it is simple to use, free to sign up and you have nothing to lose.


Extra Earnings with the Tim Bekker Affiliate Program

You will see that apart from the Clickbank affiliate offer’s normal revenue share, in most cases, you are going to earn money for leads as well. You can take advantage of the simple control panel of the CBLeads website and the alerts on new launches. There are different affiliate marketing contests featured on the site, as well, so you will be able to make extra money. Learning more about the product during the pre-launch, before other marketers would start the promotion is a great way to make more money without working harder. Apart from Internet marketing offers, there are plenty of self-help, software and dating promotions as well. The best thing is that the affiliate program is fully integrated with Clickbank, so when I make a sale, I might get double the money, because of the lead or bonus earning I make on CBleads.


Free Training on Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

For everyone, who is taking Clickbank affiliate marketing seriously, the CBLeads training is essential. Tim Bekker has made it available for everyone signing up for free to get more sales for himself. I can only guess, however, I haven’t read it in any CBLeads review that Tim Bekker has a system to make 2nd Tier commissions on your sales. However, as long as you make more money than as if you were working simply through Clickbank and not Tim Bekker affiliate program, it doesn’t really matter. The only thing you should aim for is to maximize your affiliate marketing results.


 You can sign up for CBLeads below.