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If you have an online business and one or two products to sell, it is OK, but what if you cannot bring your affiliate revenue to a higher level? Many affiliate marketers get stuck with their business at one point, and it is the right time to pause for a moment and think about working smarter instead of harder. There is a chance that you do have some untouched methods of online income generation, other than working on generating more traffic all day to increase affiliate revenue.


increase your affiliate revenue

affiliate tips

There are many options available for an online business; some of them are simple, and some of them will require some kind of programming skills or software.


  1. You can actually recycle your information products, articles and materials creating new valuable products, content or just a freebie to build your list.
  2. You can work on making your list more responsive therefore increasing your emails’ open rates and click thru rates as well.
  3. You can buy Private Label Rights products to sell them for a hundred percent commissions. That way you are not receiving the usual percentage of the profits but all of it, and spend the money on automating your affiliate sales funnel.
  4. You can create videos from your e-books or articles to put on your website or video sites, generating more profit without spending any more money.
  5. You can start using exit pop ups, upsells, downsells, one time offers and many other effective marketing tools to increase your conversions and expand your affiliate sales funnel.
  6. Try to create a separate e-zine for your customers and for potential customers. You can try to recommend more products to people who have already bought from you and you will hold a good chance to turn them into repeat customers.
  7. Participate in giveaway events. They are really good for building your list by giving away one of your own products or private label rights products. You will need an existing list to promote the event to initially, because you will need a set number of referrals before you can add your link and earn affiliate commissions.
  8. Try to sign up for more affiliate networks, adding more products to your portfolio, maybe promoting a site that gives away free information, if your list loves freebies, you will be able to get some more money in with a couple of minutes work.
  9. Try to look into your statistics. If you have an offer with a very bad conversion rate, and you have done absolutely everything to make the offer work, you can just simply replace it with another one. If you have a really well performing affiliate offer though, try to redirect the traffic to that online promotion so you do not have to increase traffic flow.

There are many more ways to increase your affiliate commissions without working hard, I am happy to announce that you can learn 13 more ways to increase your profit from this gift that tells you how to increase your affiliate revenue.