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Every Internet marketer is looking for the training that delivers the “aha moment”. There are more people in affiliate marketing than ever before, and there are new Clickbank courses coming out every single week. To decide which affiliate training delivers the most results and the best quality of information is not easy to decide. This is because the same author like Tim Bekker might produce a video-training for newbies and an advanced software tuition for advanced Clickbank marketers. The below review is going to give you information on two of the most popular Tim Bekker products: Click N Bank and Make Me a Millionaire.


Who is the Make Me a Millionaire Written for?

The affiliate marketing training is designed for starting up Internet marketers, and it covers loads of the basic stuff one needs to know about Clickbank, marketing online and ways to get traffic. It does not have much information about the advanced methods, and if you already know how to sign up and choose products, you will need an advanced training. The good thing about the Make Me a Millionaire is that it leads people through the process of advertising affiliate products online.


The Benefits of Click N Bank

Click N Bank consists of a couple of professionally designed templates and scripts to make more money increasing the conversion of your affiliate marketing. It does require some technical knowledge, and that means that it is more suitable for advanced affiliate marketers. Therefore, it is not an internet marketing training; more like a script and a couple of advanced templates to improve results. There is no guarantee that these templates would work for everyone, however, if you are an affiliate marketer who is struggling with setting up pages, it is worth the tiny investment.


Click N Bank for Newbies?

I would not recommend the Click N Bank for newbies, unless they are programmers. Although there is a support link and you can always ask questions, you would need to still be able to choose the right methods to get traffic to your site, before you would make any sales.


Make Me a Millionaire Tim Bekker’s Best Product?

Make Me a Millionaire is certainly one of the most popular newbie affiliate marketing training products out there. The different modules help people who are starting up their online venture get to a stage when they are able to sell and earn commissions in a short period of time. It is a step-by-step guide to help you achieve your goals.


Will Tim Bekker Make You a Super-affiliate?

Unfortunately, nobody is able to force you to make money with affiliate marketing. The key of success is in you. If you are willing to learn from already successful internet marketers like Tim Bekker, the task will be easier. You can still get there without support and affiliate marketing training; even with no money. The question is: how long it will take you. Read our full review of Click N Bank and Make Me a Millionaire before you decide to buy.