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2012 was a tough year for many affiliate marketers, and many of them were forced to change their business model searching for the hottest affiliate marketing trends that are going to bring in more revenue. If you saw a decline in your affiliate revenue and are looking to tweak your marketing methods it is time to read what are going to be the Hottest affiliate marketing trends of 2013.


What Has Changed in 2012 around Affiliate Marketing?

In 2012 even more people turned to affiliate marketing than any other years before. The reason for that is the continuous uncertainty on the job sphere and people’s desire to become independent. However this means that more people have failed or gave up affiliate marketing for good in 2012. If you are serious about making money as an affiliate, you should never give up the hope of finding the hottest affiliate marketing trends that will work for you.


How Can You Beat the Competition?

With that man people doing internet marketing and trying to become an affiliate there is an increased competition you have to face. But you need to know it is good for you, as if you do already have results, companies and vendors will be making every effort to choose the affiliates with a good reputation and background, and maybe will offer different terms for seasoned marketers.


What Have Other Affiliates Changed?

Te most successful internet marketers reviewed their business model and most of them did develop their own products for the “newbie niche”. They have been taking advantage of the growing number of people wanting to make money online, and quickly built a list of people who were looking for hottest affiliate marketing trends to use as an online marketer.


What are the Hottest Affiliate Marketing Traffic Generation Methods?

As for the traffic generation it has also changed due to regulations and the change in demand for the different types of products. Some niches have slowly disappeared of slowed down, some just started to pick up, but article marketing, blogging and ezine-marketing still stayed the hottest affiliate marketing trends for generating targeted traffic to affiliate offers.


How to Prepare for 2013 As an Affiliate?

If you want to make more money online on 2013 than you did in 2012 you do definitely need to look for people teaching the hottest affiliate marketing trends and showing you exactly how to profit from them. Pick one method that you think you can copy and do for the long run and stick with it for the whole 2013. One of the most current affiliate marketing coaches in the UK is Lee McIntyre who is currently teaching the hottest affiliate marketing trends and offers loads of freebies for people wanting to advance their affiliate marketing career.