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Whether you are just starting up with affiliate marketing, or would like to know how to generate traffic to your ongoing promotions and take the hard work out of your business, you need to know about some of the most effective traffic sources. They can generate engagement, help you build a list of buyers, and build trust. To stop shooting in the dark, below you will find a list of proven to work traffic sources for affiliate marketing.


Even though your end goal is to get people to buy the product you are promoting, it is important that you have your own blog. It will give you the ability to connect with your audience, get followers and subscribers, and get people to buy through your link more than once. If you don’t have a blog, you fail to differentiate yourself on the busy market, and will not get enough conversions. Cold traffic hardly ever turns into buyers, especially of you are selling high ticket affiliate products.

Social Media

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Whether you are a blogger or an Instagram guru, you will need social media. Even if you are only doing CPA affiliate marketing, some of the vendors will allow you to get people to their offers through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. The key here is that you have to first provide value for your audience before you can sell to them. You should also make sure that the offer is relevant to your audience and their buying preferences.


A great source of traffic, yet often neglected by affiliate marketers. You can engage with people through forums and online groups, and make smart recommendations they will be grateful for. You should be first helpful and then add the link, as over-promotional members will either get banned or ignored by others. You should learn how to engage with people, ask questions, and provide genuine solutions on forums and in online communities.

Referral Traffic

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If you are a well-known marketer, or can create interest in your industry through your content, you might be able to take advantage of referral traffic. Whether you regularly publish your articles in online magazines or are engaged in guest posting, you can get people to sign up for your updates on social media or through email. If you can get referral traffic to your site, you will be likely to attract the right kind of person who is willing to find out more and investigate.

Video Marketing

You don’t have to be a technology genius to create stunning videos. Whenever you start promoting a new product or service, show your potential customers how to use it. You don’t need a professional studio or tools, and you might even be able to make sales with a simple video infographic or a slideshow video.

Review Sites

Review sites can still generate a lot of traffic, but they require regular updates and maintenance. The more content you have and the more insider information you feature on your review site, the better chance you will have to build an engaged audience. One page review sites no longer work; you will have to combine various forms of content; infographics, text, videos, and images, and build trust while entertaining and informing your readers.


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As a secondary traffic source, you will find that newsletters have a generally higher conversion rate than cold traffic. People made the effort to subscribe to the list, as they are particularly interested in what you have to say. They are actively seeking solutions to their problems, and if you can present it to them, you can get the sale. While you cannot build an email list overnight, you can cash in on repeat traffic for years to come.


Whether you are just starting up or struggling to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level, you should try to implement the above tips and take advantage of these traffic sources. Remember that one-page sites no longer work, and you have to focus on your content quality, instead of the quantity.