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Every affiliate marketer needs internet marketing software to automate and speed up their business. There are some horrible and useless tools out there; most of them are advertised for big bucks on Clickbank. Some other creators actually take their time to create value for their customers and build a tool that people will love and share. The Best Spinner and the Spinner Chief are some of the best tools out there for article marketers. Although some people say that traditional marketing with articles is dead, these tools do the job and create readable content. Both of them have a manual rewrite option, and if you really want user-friendly content, you should not settle with an automated content generator.

The Features of The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner is used by thousands of advanced Internet marketers. It is claimed that the synonyms are user-generated and that is a good thing. That means that people are able to build the best replacement words as a community within the Best Spinner. There are many features in the program, such as selecting your favorite synonym and checking the originality of the content. The software generates 1000s of versions of the same article. It also has private label rights articles to use. It has built in grammar checking and a spell checker. It does not have an article submission tool within the package.


The Features of Spinner Chief

SpinnerChief is similar to the Best Spinner, however, its interface is a little bit more unique. Some people are unable to navigate through the system. Indeed, it takes some time to get used to this internet marketing software, however, it is worth it. The advanced tools, such as protecting keywords from getting spun or rewritten or the option to ignore original words and only submit the new content are worthless. The SpinnerChief software scrapes articles from different sources and makes them unique in a few seconds. The articles can be saved or the spun format can be selected automatically.


The Price of The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner is available to try for seven days for $7. During this time, it is possible to get your head around the system and see if the software is for you. The yearly price of the Best Spinner is $77, which is reasonable, considering that some other , affiliate marketing software cost the same amount per month. To get an access to an advanced and customizable internet marketing software, it is worth to give this program a try.


Price of Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief’s basic functions are free of charge. This version includes the basic thesaurus, the spinning and saving tool, favorites function and many advanced calculators, such as comparison tools, uniqueness calculation, quick preview of spun articles, paragraph/sentence/word and quick edit modes and batch spins. In case you would like to do more with the affiliate marketing software, you will get the submitter (to blogs and directories), revolutionary grammar checker, part of speech tool and the Content Hurricane plugin, which itself costs a great deal. The full license price of this software is $7 to try for three days and either $187 for life or $67 per year. Considering that you get a spinner and submitter with all the advanced functions for this price, it is the best deal on internet marketing software out there.

Results of The Best Spinner and Spinner Chief

The Best Spinner is based on automating the rewriting and spinning process, therefore, it might need some work sometimes. The option to quickly select the optional words is great, however, getting used to the nested, multiple level spinning might be a drag. Overall, the affiliate marketing software creates great results.

Spinner Chief makes rewriting and spinning very easy. It compares all the articles, has the preview and uniqueness calculator modules and takes care of the submission as well. The articles are not only readable, but they also look as if they were written from scratch.


Conclusion: The Best Spinner VS Spinner Chief

Overall, Spinner Chief a better value for money, but it is based on personal preferences. As a low-budget affiliate marketer, I prefer this software. This does not mean that The Best Spinner is not a good software: it is excellent for rewriting and spinning articles.

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