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If you are wondering if super-affiliate training works at all, you have to check out real customer reviews to get the full scoop. I have tried many products previously, and I have to say that the Super Affiliate Edge is the most valuable of all. The modules are built upon each other, and the affiliate training is definitely suitable for newbies. Here is a list of modules and content, to see what you get.


The Super Affiliate Edge claims to magnetize your affiliate commissions. However, in my opinion it does more than that. It is a powerful super-affiliate training that does not only cover how to set up marketing campaigns, but deals with the most common problems as well. How to diversify your offer from hundreds of other affiliates’? How to make sure that your visitors become buyers and get on your list to be contacted in the future? How to change your affiliate promotions to increase your commissions from a few hundred bucks a month to 20-30.000? Easy, when you go through the Super Affiliate Edge.


The fail rate in affiliate marketing is extremely high. It is because people fall for the hype, and do not set up an online system that does the work for them. I am not talking about automatic software that does not work. The magic button does not exist, nor do magic software. The only way to increase your affiliate revenue is to follow a proven blueprint and customize it to your needs and marketing style. And that is what the Super Affiliate Edge offers. Let’s go through the modules and bonuses step by step:


What’s Included in the Super Affiliate Edge?

You get five quality video modules with transcripts. You will get a quick introduction to affiliate marketing, and then the promotion methods. What I like about the modules is that they are not base on paid traffic generation, and anyone can get started with blog marketing or article writing.


However, these are not the only ways you will be able to make money with affiliate marketing, and two different modules cover how to offer bonuses on your affiliate promotions and close the sale, before your visitors exit the page. This is powerful stuff, and you will get the transcripts, ready-made packages (templates), mind maps and action plans included in the Super Affiliate Edge. Nobody can get lost, and I am confident to say that the templates themselves are worth more than the full price of the Super Affiliate Edge.



What are The Bonuses Offered With the Super Affiliate Edge?

You will also get a Super Affiliate Edge Pro membership, which is usually $27 a month, and give you updates on the latest super affiliate methods. You will get guidance and updates of the market, promotion alerts and help when you need to ask an expert.


You also get the Six Figure Upsell System included, which is a powerful method of maximizing your profits. You get access to the Email Marketing Class module and the Traffic Generation Class. The Promo code is inside the members’ area. If you are struggling with building your list, the List Prophet Video Training will take you through all the steps to build a super-responsive buyers’ list.



What’s Missing from the Super Affiliate Edge?

I would say there is nothing, other than the stuff covered in the bonuses is missing from the Super Affiliate Edge. You might say that live support and a continuous member access would be great, but you get it free once you buy the Super Affiliate Edge. I have learnt a lot from the training, and it is highly recommended for people, who would like to set up successful promotions and become super-affiliates.