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If you are an affiliate and you are looking to take your Internet marketing business to the next level you might be looking for cheaper and better converting affiliate methods. You have to know that the effectiveness of your affiliate campaigns will not depend on how much you spend on advertising, but how targeted it is. There are some really powerful free affiliate marketing methods as well as paid ones, and I am just going to give you an overview of the five most effective of them.


  1. Article marketing

Article marketing is often labeled “bum marketing” as you do have to literally sit down and write content for free content websites. However the effectiveness and the value of traffic you can get to your affiliate sites is not to be underestimated. Once you have managed to master content creation you will find it easy to write for your niche and build up your reputation as a knowledgeable person. Article marketing is a powerful free affiliate marketing method that is laser targeted for people who are looking for answers you are able to give them.


  1. Review sites

If you are focusing your affiliate marketing on one or two high ticket items you should know that using a keyword rich domain name and setting up a review page you will be able to target people who are actually interested in finding out more about that particular product. You just have to make sure you are listing facts as well as trying to sell, and if you have not personally bought the products you read reviews and feedback to appear an expert on your review page.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best platforms to get your affiliate messages out there. As it is personal and also professional people will be able to get to know you and you can build up rapport that way. Blogging is a soft selling skill that can be mastered and can be a very effective affiliate marketing method.


  1. Forum marketing

If you want to target one particular group of people, let’s call it niche, you will have to get to know them as well as let them get to know you. The best way to build relationships with people is to engage in a conversation with them. Don’t forget: the most successful affiliates and Internet marketers do give before they take, so you have to help out people to make them trust you first.


  1. Social media

Not many affiliate marketers use social media enough. Or they just don’t get it at all. There is loads of power in social media if you know exactly how to target people and how to create the buzz that later transforms into momentum, and the momentum will produce loads of affiliate commissions. If you want to market through social media you have to learn the basics to make it one of your most powerful free affiliate marketing methods.