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Compare Web Hosting Packages

Some website owners think that choosing hosting is a hard task. You will start the search online, and will be presented with hundreds of offers. How will you know which package is the most suitable for you? Here is a quick lifesaving guide, if you are still undecided, which company you should go with.


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  1. You need to know what you want from a web hosting. You might just want a basic package you can update later, or advanced packages. You have to make a list of all features your hosting should have. List everything, from bandwidth to email addresses, size, availability and statistics. You might need MySQL hosting or SSL certificates, if you plan to run a membership site, or want to sell products online.

2. Determine the maximum price you are prepared to pay for the service. Different companies offer services at various prices. If you set yourself a limit, you will not overspend on your website hosting, and can still find the best offer within the price range.

3. When reviewing different packages, an important thing to consider is if the company has cPanel, ispCP or ISPConfig, allowing you to set up a blog with just a few mouse clicks. Having this feature will save you a lot of time and money.

4. If this is your first website, you need to make sure that you are going to get enough support and training on site, to be able to set up your web pages. This feature is priceless for people inexperienced in creating websites. So you need to look for these features to be included in the price.

5. The speed of the web hosting is also important. When comparing different offers, you will have to find the one that offers the most reliable speed every time. You need to check the speed by using an online tool. It will determine how long it will take you to upload files or update content.

6. If you are still unsure, and have a couple of options to consider, you can search for reviews of the hosting company online. Visit webmaster forums or review sites, to get the full scoop about their packages and customer service.