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If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, you might be tempted to go for the “quick cash solution”. Many so called “gurus” tell you that you can cash in on affiliate marketing in just a few hours, and it is true: if you know what you are doing. It is almost impossible to get started and earn a full time income from day one if you are new to affiliate marketing. And if your plan is to build a long term online business, you will definitely need to consider building a strong foundation for your affiliate marketing business.


  • You will have to set realistic goals; that’s for sure. First you should choose your niche carefully and start establishing yourself as an expert. This can be done by providing free information on your blog, reviews or article marketing. The main thing you need to include is those personal touches that makes people like you and buy from you, not one of the thousands of other affiliates. If you can establish your credibility in the marketplace, you can build a long term affiliate marketing business.


  • You will also have to do your niche research. Don’t get scared; it is easier than you think. In order to find products that sell, you will have to check out the popular marketplaces online, selling information product and physical merchandise. Look on Ebay, Amazon, and definitely Clickbank and Pay dot Com. You can check out which products are popular, and choose an affiliate marketing program that offers the most benefits.


  • When it comes to affiliate marketing, many people do get mixed up. If you are offered to join a program for a fee, it is not affiliate marketing, but either a pyramid scheme or an MLM company. You need to get paid for selling good quality products and not membership. If you would like to give referral marketing a try, you can also join CPA (cost per action) networks, where you can start earning money per signups and don’t necessarily need to complete the sale. There are loads of quality training products on affiliate marketing, such as CPA Relapse and CPA Wealth Blueprint. It is also the fastest way to start earning money, compared to Clickbank, where you usually need to wait for the money back guarantee period to elapse.


  • The best income goals are realistic, and take into consideration your affiliate marketing background. Many people initially look for $100 a day, as it is easy to achieve and you can start thinking about taking on affiliate marketing as a full time job. Make sure that you get enough training and test your offers, as well as diversify yourself on the marketplace. There is a free video you can check out by the creators of Super Affiliate Edge, to get some ideas on this step.


P. S. If you have any specific questions about affiliate marketing, please leave a comment and I will cover it next time.