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If you have been running your online store or service pages for a while, maybe you are a blogger trying to make money on affiliate commissions, you will need to work smarter and not harder. The key to success is not to fall for all the online scams, and only use methods you are comfortable with. A bad move can hurt your online marketing efforts for life. Below you will find out how to avoid the most expensive, deadly internet marketing mistakes.

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1.     Copying Someone Else

If you don’t hit your own tone, you will not connect with your audience on a personal level. It is important that you create your own style and your personality shines through whatever you are doing. Whether you publish product reviews, or simply talk about being a single mum and providing recommendations, you will have to stop copying others. Your voice needs to be unique.

2.     Paying for Expensive Training

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The main problem with paid online marketing training is that you will not necessarily get what you expect. I have been there. Paid for a stunning writer training (advertised as such) and ended up with a cheap CD with five tracks on. There are so many free resources out there: don’t get caught up in a scam.

3.     Getting Carried Away

Sometimes we feel like we need to get everything done at once. Without a plan, you will burn out and not be able to focus on your goals. In internet marketing planning and focus are the most important things that will take you closer to success.

4.     Trying to Get Everything Perfect

If you are a perfectionist, you will need to change your mindset before you could make money online. You simply need to get things done that are “good enough”, and perfect your site as you go along and have more time. It is better to have less than perfect content online than none at all.

5.     Not Focusing on The Right Niche

You need to find a market you are familiar with to make money off it. Something you are passionate about. If you don’t have a dog, there is no point setting up a dog grooming site just because some “experts” said that there is money to be made there. Instead, you should try to turn your passion into a full time income.

6.     Only Promoting One Product

I have done that before, too. You shouldn’t build a site around one affiliate product only. I have created multiple posts and reviews about one offer, just to realize a few months later that it was no longer available or paid commission. Create a sales funnel that turns visitors into returning customers. You will need to be flexible, and find the right revenue source for your website.

7.     Not Building Your Own Brand

The deadliest mistake internet marketers make is not building their own brand. You want to be trusted and respected by your audience, and give your website visitors a good enough reason to return for more information. If you just brand other people, the only people making money off you will be them. Collect leads for yourself and connect with your audience by branding yourself.

If you would like to avoid the deadly online marketing mistakes listed above, you need to come up with a detailed plan. Get in touch for ideas and sign up for our updates and social media channels below.