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When it comes to making it online as an affiliate marketer, some people will tell you that it all comes down to mindset. Indeed, many authors have covered entrepreneurship in general, but never dug deep enough into online marketing. Mind Over Variance is created by a successful and determined affiliate marketer; Gerald Gigerl, who has been my personal friend, colleague and business partner in many projects in the past years. He has been all around the world, starting off at McDonalds in Austria to end up living the time of his life every day. Find out below what the Mind Over Variance can teach you as an affiliate marketer.

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Mind Over Variance: From McDonalds to Success

According to Gerald, the only thing that matters in any business is the mindset and the determination of the person. This is true with affiliate marketing and content creation as well. Gerald has worked in several places, including McDonalds and supermarkets. However, he hated all the jobs. Deep inside he did know that he was not born to be an employee. This is the thing with many people who are starting up affiliate marketing. The difference between the losers and winners is determination and strategy. Gerald certainly had both of them, being an analytical internet marketer. As a woman, I started to follow him even while we were working together, as men are usually better at statistics and planning, not to mention data analysis. (Sorry, Gerald) After finding out that MLM was not his cup of tea, he moved to SEO and Adsense internet marketing.


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How to Tell You Have the Online Marketing Mindset

When I was in my early twenties, we used to say that “it only happened when we all worked at McDonald’s”. The essence of the saying was that it never happened and we wanted something more from life than being a cashier or dealing with customers. Today, many of the old friends still have to put up with bosses, while I am sitting at my home office writing this piece. Degrees and diplomas do not guarantee success in life, not to mention online marketing. Gerald tells you exactly how to succeed in every aspect of your life as an affiliate marketer or offline entrepreneur. That is why the Mind Over Variance is so powerful that every person starting internet marketing should read it before developing a strategy.



Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Mindset

Affiliate marketing is hard because entrepreneurs usually do not have the patience to do the research. It is also hard because the online marketing market is highly saturated. Not to mention that – unlike with MLM – there is no big brand name and success story to back up claims. There is only one person who is trying to build their income, reputation, information powerhouse while learning online marketing strategies. If you believe that mindset is the most important asset you can ever have as an affiliate marketer and want to build a long term business, you absolutely need to read the Mind Over Variance. However, if you would rather focus on short term results and product launches, it is another story.