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Posted by Kathy T |

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Toronto is starting to look like Detroit, without all the good stuff.

When I first started reshooting this area in October ’22 (please check the Junction folder I have to see images back to 2005) this payday business was still open, a month later it’s closed up shop and now in April ’23 it’s slated for demolition. There are a lot of people cashing in on properties in less desirable areas with all this development and I’m sure we are only seeing the start of it.

This city is also losing so many small businesses, long term and life long citizens which goes totally unnoticed in the media (by design). All I ever hear about is all the new people coming here. Nothing else matters. 20 people in one bedroom apt, great! People who can afford overpriced condos, good for them!

But where is everyone going?

What will this city look like in a decade? 30 years from now?

I used to think that some of my work aimed to save spaces, places, and memories because almost everything slowly changes over time. Living in Toronto teaches you what happens when one tiny group of people can run over everything for ‘progress’. It’s not the city they live in, so it’s not a problem. It’s even worse when it’s pushed along by the middle class ‘advocacy’ who thinks this is a great idea because of ‘urbanism’ which they don’t totally understand as a concept.

More work of mine from the junction (2005 onward) :

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