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If you want to become a  super-affiliate, you will need to choose people who are already successful Internet marketers and can help you set up your affiliate sales funnel. I have been following UK Internet marketer, Lee McIntyre for years. And have seen him going from $7000 a month to having a million dollar a year business. He is one of the most honest guys teaching affiliate marketing. For a long time I was thinking that Lee McIntyre was only selling his own products online and was against affiliate marketing. I was constantly looking out for a product like Mr Super Affiliate. And finally it is out.

Although Lee McIntyre is usually teaching in his private coaching (I am lucky enough to belong to his inner circle) that affiliate marketing should be the icing on the cake, and not the cake itself, he still admits that it is a profitable tool. However, you need to be able to brand yourself and diversify your affiliate offers. In that way, his philosophy is similar to the ones detailed in Gabor Olah’s Super Affiliate Edge.


What does Lee McIntyre’s Mr Super Affiliate Program Teach?

Lee McIntyre shows you the exact methods to earn as much as $104.718.11a month as a full time affiliate marketer. Obviously, he does not guarantee the results just by going through the Mr Super Affiliate Training, you do have to take action. Not many people know but Lee started up his online business as a Clickbank affiliate. He was pulling in great commissions from hot Clickbank products, before he created his own sales funnel. He is still saying that you will need to brand yourself by having a product of your own. You can even create some to offer as bonuses for affiliate promotions.


How Much Can You Make as a Super-affiliate?

The start-up cost of becoming an affiliate marketer is extremely low. You don’t need staff, your own product developed, or technical skills. The training presentation is going through the story of Mr Super Affiliate. He is a guy who attended one of Lee McIntyre’s training webinars and turned back saying: “Lee, I will be your number one affiliate in 12 months.” He was just getting started. He interviewed Lee McIntyre, and he did it. Even Lee was sceptical. This guy developed a method to become a super-affiliate for Lee. And the details are within the Mr Super Affiliate course. He is making tens of thousands of dollars just from Lee’s products.


Why is Lee McIntyre’s Mr Super Affiliate Program Different?

Mr Super Affiliate features the revolutionary “Ad Swap” model. The system is simple to follow, and very powerful. Even you can copy and paste the system, take action and pull in the profits. But the training does not only show you how to promote affiliate offers, but also helps you rapidly explode the size of your mailing list. Lee McIntyre’s Mr Super Affiliate Training is not some type of theory, but delivers results. Lee’s super affiliate did earn over $100.000 in August. 2010. The training course is not an age old private label program; it is featuring the hottest affiliate marketing trends for 2011. And that is why you need to view the video proof on the Mr Super Affiliate site. You will surely get many tips even by watching the free video, Lee McIntyre created.