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Can You Automate Your Online Business?

The Internet Automation Plan promises to make the process of generating an online income, therefore, it is supposed to be a lifesaver for any Internet marketer. It is created by Lee McIntyre, one of the most successful Internet and affiliate marketers in the UK. It is a six weeks course, showing you how to take your business further, while others do the hard work for you. Moreover, the Internet Automation Plan is one of the essential tools if you feel that you are lost and would like your sites to work around the clock to generate income, while you can focus on creating new products and improving your offers.


Who is Lee McIntyre?

Lee McIntyre is an online marketer turned teacher and accountant. He has had many jobs before he discovered the way of creating a profitable online business. His Get More Momentum coaching site and other online training videos (some of them available for free) were the greatest hits on the Internet between 2007 and today. He loves working from the beach, while his cash-pulling system, using the same methods you can learn in the Internet Automation Plan work for him. He is one of the most reputable speakers, online marketers and a great teacher.


Have I Bought the Internet Automation Plan?

If you think that this is just another affiliate review without having any idea about the product that one is talking about, see the proof below. The captures are taken from inside the Internet Automation Plan members’ area, and I have gone through all six videos. The great tutorials, PDF files and templates have helped me a lot to get a better understanding of my business and find a way of working smarter, instead of harder. This is the main thing you can learn from Lee McIntyre’s Internet Automation Plan.


Is the Internet Automation Plan Suitable for Affiliate Marketing?

If you would like to apply the strategies for affiliate marketing, you certainly can do it. However, Lee McIntyre says that the best way to build a profitable online business is to create your own product. However, if you are an affiliate marketer, you will be able to make your offers more irresistible by automating your sales and making the pages more unique, improving your conversion rates.


Does the Internet Automation Make Your Life Easier?

From my experience, I have learned many things from the Internet Automation Plan. First of all, you will be able to build up your sales funnel in just a matter of hours. You will get plenty of templates, thank you pages, and most importantly, Lee McIntyre will allow you to learn how to create fast promotions and set up your own affiliate program. This way, you can not only get better conversions for your own offers, but get more affiliates to promote for you as well.


The Price of Internet Automation Plan

You might be aware that the price of the Internet Automation Plan originally was $997. Lee McIntyre also sold the training as a part of a high-end box set. Today, if you are quick, you can get access to over 7 hours of training, the download of the presentation slides, cheat files and templates for a ridiculous amount of $5. Yes, this offer might not stand for long, but if you hurry, you can grab yourself the greatest bargain of the year by getting your hands on the Internet Automation Plan.


Final Words about Lee McIntyre’s Internet Automation Plan

The Internet Automation Plan is a high-end and great quality 6-part training course, and it is worth every penny. I, personally paid much more than $5 for it. Still, I think that it was worth the investment. If you would like to work less and earn more, whether you are starting to build your sales funnel from scratch or improve it, it is one of the best resources on the market.