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In case you have been following Lee McIntyre, and his Internet marketing journey, you might want to find out how he managed to quit his underpaid high school teaching job to become a super-affiliate. Unlike many Internet marketers online, he never used black-hat methods, spamming or bought a list, and is the most honest affiliate marketing trainer of all. Now he just came up with his new product: Mr Super Affiliate, and this is great news for all struggling affiliate marketers.

What does Lee McIntyre’s Mr Super Affiliate teach

It promises to help you create a TRUE Internet lifestyle, without a product and also on autopilot. If you have been following Lee McIntyre, you might have been missing this element of his training, as he was mostly speaking about selling his own products. Now he is showing you how you can achieve a great affiliate marketing revenue without your own product, or how you can increase your income by implementing affiliate products in your offers.

Are the methods detailed in Mr Super Affiliate working?

According to the testimonials of Lee McIntyre’s clients, the program is capable of creating a six figure income in less than three months. The secret of the training is that you are able to get the exact blueprint Lee is using to pull in a huge amount of affiliate commissions without doing the hard work. You can get started with no product, no staff and no technical skills. Many affiliate marketing gurus only give you some ideas, without helping you build a system from the ground up. Lee McIntyre gives you the whole system, and you are able to copy him as if you were looking over his shoulder.

Is Lee McIntyre’s system legal?

The system is working and does not involve any black hat methods, spamming or buying leads. It is plainly helping people create valuable content that will build trust in potential buyers and increase the affiliate sales by increasing the conversion rates. He is teaching ways to legally get the largest possible share of affiliate profits, by diversifying yourself and giving out content before you would start the hard selling.

What did I like particularly in Mr Super Affiliate

The Ad Swap model is a powerful affiliate method, developed by one of Lee McIntyre’s students, who, after a seminar, went home and worked hard to implement the strategies he had learnt. At this moment in time this guy is Lee’s number one affiliate, and is pulling in a six figure income every month. I also liked the blueprints detailed in the training, as it is the most powerful part of the material. If tells struggling affiliate marketers where they want wrong, and where to tweak their affiliate promotions.

What’s missing of Lee McIntyre’s Mr Super Affiliate

I would have loved to see Lee McIntyre to cover the affiliate offer selection process, as it is a crucial point of affiliate marketing. Without being able to find popular and high converting affiliate products, a starting up affiliate marketer will never see results.

If you want to find out more about Lee McIntyre’s Mr Super Affiliate training, check out this free video.