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In case you are wondering whether the Online Goldmine from Jamie Lewis is a good deal or not, you do not have to wait for long. I have heard a lot of good things about the guy, and therefore, I am going to post a first hand Online Goldmine Review on this blog tomorrow.

Who is Jamie Lewis?

Jamie Lewis is an online internet marketer, trainer and a millionaire. Many affiliates admire him, and thousands of people have already benefited from his IM training programs. He has  a good reputation and an excellent rating as a trainer. He has launched his coaching program three times with success, with limited availability of places.

IM With Jamie Success

The program: IM with Jamie has been a great success, and he has many raving fans all around the internet marketing. You can check the reviews on the Warrior Forum and other blogs to see what I am talking about. He actually looks like a fun guy to learn from, and the results posted on his site give him extra credibility.

What Can Online Goldmine Be? A Scam?

It is certainly possible that Online Goldmine cannot work for every affiliate and internet marketer and would be called a scam. However, it is up to me now to check out the product and give you first hand review of the features and the value of the training. Just wait for tomorrow.

PS: If you are reading this post after the 27th, simply go to our full Jamie Lewis Online Goldmine Review.