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Posted by raaen99

The theme for “Smile on Saturday” for the 4th of June is “tiny-tiny” which requires a small object to be photographed alongside a larger object to help give the item scale. When I read the theme, I thought how perfect it was for me, and a few of my friends who also post to this group. Anyone who follows my photostream knows that I love and collect 1:12 size miniatures which I photograph in realistic scenes. The artifice of recreating in minute detail items in 1:12 scale always amazes me, and it’s amazing how the eye can be fooled. Therefore, when the theme came up, I immediately thought of some of my kitchen accessories. I settled on the idea of baking, as I had only a few days prior to the announcement of the theme received a pastry preparation board and tray of empty tart casings. I originally just had the floured board and the tray of tart casings which I photographed alongside my beloved and well used rolling pin to show the scale. Then I decided to add to it, so I have included a fluted teacup that could be used to cut the ruffled pastry casings, the flour, butter and jug of water needed to make the pastry, and some P. C. Flett & Co. jam and some Macfie’s treacle to fill the tarts with. I even included cutlery and a floral spoon rest in the shape of a teapot. The latter is less than half a centimetre in diameter to give you a clue as to how tiny-tiny these objects are! I hope you like my miniature whimsy for this week, and that it brings a smile to your face.

All these miniatures are 1:12 scale, and some are artisan pieces.

The pastry preparation board, complete with flour, cut and uncut pastry and the rolling pin come from Kathleen Knight’s Dolls’ House Shop in the United Kingdom, as does the accompanying tray of pastry shells. Both are artisan made pieces with amazing attention to detail.

The rather worn and beaten looking enamelled flour cannister in the typical domestic Art Deco design and kitchen colours of the 1920s, cream and green, has been aged on purpose. An artisan piece, it also comes from Kathleen Knight’s Dolls’ House Shop, as do the 1920s enamel handled spoons and knife, the floral spoon rest in the shape of a teapot, and the hand painted tray on which the butter sits.

The jug with its dainty rose pattern and gilt rim is made by M.W. Reutter Porzellanfabrik in Germany, who specialise in making high quality porcelain miniatures. The floral patterned teacup comes from an online miniatures stockist on E-Bay.

The butter is also an artisan piece that has been hand painted and printed. It comes from Mick and Marie’s Miniatures in the United Kingdom.

The tin of Macfie’s Finest Black Treacleand jar of P.C. Flett and Company jam are 1:12 size artisan miniatures made by Little Things Dollhouse Miniatures in Lancashire, with great attention to detail paid to their labels and the shapes of their jars and cans. Robert Andrew Macfie sugar refiner was the first person to use the term Golden Syrup in 1840, a product made by his factory, the Macfie sugar refinery, in Liverpool. He also produced black treacle. P.C. Flett and Company was established in Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands by Peter Copeland Flett. He had inherited a small family owned ironmongers in Albert Street Kirkwall, which he inherited from his maternal family. He had a shed in the back of the shop where he made ginger ale, lemonade, jams and preserves from local produce. By the 1920s they had an office in Liverpool, and travelling representatives selling jams and preserves around Great Britain. I am not sure when the business ceased trading.

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