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In case you are looking for an Internet and affiliate marketing trainer, you might have come across Lee McIntyre, who is one of the most reputable guys out there when it comes to selling information products. There are about a thousand ways of making money online, but Lee McIntyre is teaching in his Internet Lifestyle Intensive course that the best and fastest results can be achieved by creating information products that solve people’s urgent needs. And if this is your plan, you should have a look at the training included in the Internet Lifestyle Intensive Course.

Exclusive Lee McIntyre Training

Now, you need to know that Lee McIntyre is only working with serious people and a ticket to one of his events costs thousands of dollars. And I am not going to lie to you: he is from the UK with a British accent, hard to understand. He built up his Internet marketing empire from scratch, while still working as a teacher, until he managed to build a recurring membership site, enabling him to quit his job and start living the Internet lifestyle he always wanted.


Internet Marketing Lee McIntyre Coaching

You might be wondering how to get private coaching from Lee McIntyre. There are many solutions, and you don’t have to live in the UK to get help from one of the best Internet and affiliate marketing trainers. He has a membership site, called Get More Momentum, and makes hundreds of hours of content available for members to learn from, implement in their Internet marketing business and see results. Another option is to get the full recording of Lee McIntyre’s most successful UK workshop: the Inside Out –Upside Down seminar; two days of pure content and watch the whole thing to learn what other people paid thousands for.


Lee McIntyre’s Internet Marketing Training

Once you have reviewed Lee McIntyre’s business philosophy, you will be able to decide if this is the kind of training you are looking for. If yes, there is an option to get a free business review from him, and find out about joining the Instant Internet Lifestyle Intensive Course. Now, I know and Lee McIntyre knows that this is not for everyone, and you would need to commit to 52 weeks of coaching, taking action, participating in the calls and Q&A sessions.

Personal Experiences of Instant Internet Lifestyle

As a member of the Instant Internet Lifestyle Intensive Course I can see that this is the training that follows every single step of making money online, building a successful information product business, from setting up a site to making some quick affiliate commissions and building the bigger picture. I wouldn’t urge you to go ahead and purchase the whole training package though, if you are not familiar with Lee McIntyre. You can get your hands on loads of free gifts before you would spend a penny, because Lee is only taking on serious people on the Instant Internet Lifestyle Intensive course. If you would like to find out more about him, check out the Instant Internet Lifestyle Video or the Grab Your Lifestyle website for more free content.