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If you have been following Lee McIntyre’s training for a while, you might be interested in the Instant Internet Lifestyle Course. It was designed to give you all the latest Internet marketing and affiliate trends 2012 has to offer. And you will be surprised by the value delivered in this simple product: be warned: this is not a “click two buttons and make a million dollars” course, you actually have to go through the training course and get started with taking massive action.


What is Instant Internet Lifestyle Course

It is containing two days of Lee McIntyre’s most valuable training delivered so far on Internet and affiliate marketing. It is not some kind of hype, but full of content, containing the recordings of Lee McIntyre’s first ever UK workshop: the Inside Out –Upside Down Workshop, which sold for thousands of dollars. Now, you will be surprised by many of the 2011 affiliate methods discussed in the training, as it is completely different than what GURUS teach about making money online. The Instant Internet Lifestyle Course is designed to help you get started and take your Internet marketing business to the next level, by giving you over 12 hours of pure content.


Why is Instant Internet Lifestyle Different?

Unlike other Internet marketing training packages, you will really see behind the scenes and see how Lee McIntyre built a million dollar business in just 4 years from scratch. Nothing is left out, and you will be able to see real case studies, live merchant accounts and statistics, to prove that the latest 2011 Internet marketing trends really work. You can copy the same methods and use the Instant Internet Lifestyle training to increase your profits in just days. Lee McIntyre shows you how. Lee McIntyre is helping you build up  a long term business, instead of focusing on quick cash strategies.


Is Lee McIntyre’s New 2012 Training Course Suitable for Newbies?

If you have no list, no JV partners, or no product, you can still benefit from the training course, as the workshop recordings will take you through the step by step process of starting a profitable online business. You don’t have to be an expert or know how to sell online; Lee McIntyre’s Instant Internet Lifestyle course shows you all the steps you need to take to achieve Internet and affiliate marketing success.


What We Liked about the Instant Internet Lifestyle Course

We liked the simplicity of the product, and also Lee McIntyre’s teaching style. You need to know that Lee used to be a teacher in the UK, and has a huge experience in delivering content. In the Instant Internet Lifestyle’s workshop recordings it really comes across, and you will see how he engages the audience, who all think that they walked away with a massive amount of content after the 2-day event. We liked the different modules and that Lee McIntyre is not only focusing on one or two 2011 affiliate marketing methods, but helps you build up an online business, from creating a product, setting up a sales funnel, building a responsive list and finding JV partners.


What is Missing from the Instant Internet Lifestyle Course

I would say that these recordings are great, and you can really learn a lot if you watch the 12 hours of content on the Instant Internet Lifestyle site. But you will need to work hard and Lee McIntyre is not going to be there to look over your shoulder. If you have specific needs for building your sales funnel, you might consider having a look at Lee McInyre’s Platinum Coaching Program, to get all the support you need to supercharge your progress.