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The real problem with affiliate marketing is that there are too many people offering the same product or service the very same way. This is the reason why about 97% of affiliate marketers fail or quit before they would make any money; even a cent of affiliate commission. The mistakes are very hard to find, you will only come across the feeling that your marketing is not working and you start blaming yourself. However if you can get through this stage and you can face that your affiliate marketing has stalled, you can start looking fro new ways to improve your results.


Affiliate Marketing Mindset

I am wondering how many of the increasing number of affiliate marketers who quit have ever read Napoleon Hill’s book: Think and Grow Rich. Because if they did they would consider the possibilities of being just 3 feet from the gold when giving up. Just like Darby, they give up and have to start again. But the problem with them is that they will never realize where the gold was. They do turn their back to it forever.


If your affiliate marketing business is not working, you have to look for options to improve it before you give up for good. Here are some easy ways to improve your affiliate results in just 7 days.

improve your affiliate marketing

increase affiliate revenue


1.      Look Through Your Affiliate Promotions

If you have been promoting an offer for a long time, and it still has not converted there are three options: Either your promotion methods are not working for that particular offer or the offer is not converting. Period. The third possibility is that you are competing with some high standard super-affiliates who are nicking your deals because they can package the offer better.

2.      Eliminate Bad Affiliate Offers and Analyze Traffic

You have to look into your traffic sources and make sure that it is lazer targeted for the offer. If you cannot determine this it is useful to install Google Analytics on your pages and it will give you a great idea of where you are losing prospects.

3.      Diversify Yourself on the Marketplace

There is no point sending traffic to the very same offer page other affiliates are sending their traffic to. Why don’t you offer bonuses, special offers, or just anything extra that can sway the prospect away from your competition towards your order page?

4.      Build Trust with Buyers

Whether you are creating videos or personal messages you need to appear as an expert and industry insider in your prospects’ eyes. Otherwise you are not having a chance to make them buy from you and not someone else.

5.      Conversion-Boosting Affiliate Marketing Tools

It is important to use conversion-boosting tools, like one time offers, special discounts or bonuses and creating fear of loss and sense of urgency. If you are promoting an affiliate page that does not do it for you make sure you emphasize it in your promotion. You also have to take into consideration that it takes 7-8 impressions till you can convince a buyer to buy from you. Why don’t you build your list and pre-sell the prospect via follow-up messages that will increase your affiliate marketing income very fast.