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When your affiliate marketing campaign is already up and running and traffic is flowing but there are not enough conversions to earn your living, there are a few choices you can make. First of all; you might abandon the campaign and jump on another one of analyze the data and find out exactly what causes the problem, make a few twists to the campaign and start increasing conversions and your income. Another approach is to get more traffic, and this might not involve endless writing or content creation, either. Read the below affiliate tips that will help you get more customers for your offers.


Analyze Data

The very first thing you need to see is whether your visitors are targeted enough and why the affiliate offer does not convert. This is simple to do, thanks to the Google Analytics service. You can track every action on your pages; the visits, length of stay and even demographics. You can also see where people are leaving the page. If you cannot achieve at least 1 percent conversion, you need to rethink the affiliate campaign and either make changes to the landing page or get different traffic for your affiliate campaigns.


Check Network Statistics

If your conversions are low, it might not be because of your traffic or landing page, but the offer is possibly not strong enough. Ask your affiliate manager about the average conversion. If you are involved in CPA affiliate marketing, you can see the average EPC next to the offer. If it is higher than yours, you might want to start spying on other affiliates using data analysis for traffic to see what methods they are using and how their landing page looks like.


Analyze Landing Page

Google Analytics allows you to check the different parts of the landing page and make changes running different variations; graphics and headlines. Although this might seem like one of the advanced affiliate tips, it is indeed easier than you might think. See if you can better your landing page by creating a stronger call to action or headline and measure conversions this way.


Promote where Potential Customers Are

You might need to go back to the basics if you want to improve your affiliate campaign. In order to earn more you might want to rethink targeting. Research the niche again and find out where potential customers are gathering on the internet. You want to put your offer right in front of their eyeballs using forums and blogs to contact them. Just because you do not get your targeting right the first time this does not mean that you should give up on affiliate marketing completely.


Set Up Variations for the Affiliate Offer

If you still do not see improved conversions on your affiliate campaign and want to increase commissions, it is time to check whether there is another offer that is similar to the one you are promoting and set up variations to the page in Google Analytics. Redirect a proportion of the landing page visitors to the new offer and see if you can see any change in your conversions. If not, you can go back to analyzing traffic sources and retargeting again until you get it right.