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When people are looking for a profitable online business, they usually come across CPA affiliate marketing. It is advertised on many forums and companies are looking for people who are able to generate traffic. However, not many know that CPA campaigns only work if one is able to pull in enough profitable targeted traffic to the links in the niche. The below guide is for those who would like to start a lead generation business using CPA companies.


What is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

CPA marketing is a referral affiliate promotion that is usually safer to start than working directly for vendors. Companies are collecting profitable campaigns and recruit affiliates who are able to run them. The campaigns vary from software download to dating sites, leads for financial services and mobile services. The larger the CPA network is the more offers they will have. After reaching the minimum payout level, people can request a bank transfer or PayPal payment.


Should You Start CPA Marketing?

If you are already established in a niche and are looking for extra income, starting CPA affiliate marketing is a good idea. However, there is a huge competition out there, so you need to be prepared. You might need a website that has been established for some time, as during the application process you need to pass a test set by the company on the phone. They are likely to ask about your affiliate marketing experience and other networks you have worked for. If you are confident that your traffic generation methods are going to bring in conversion, you should apply with the CPA network.


Different CPA Campaigns

There are different campaigns you can choose from in CPA marketing; lead generation or sales. It is easier to create leads for low involvement campaigns, but the payout will be lower as well. The less information the customer needs to submit the less money you will get. The higher the involvement of the customer, the more the company is willing to pay. For a free trial with a low shipping charge you can earn as much as 35 dollars if the customer takes advantage of the offer. However, you need to ensure that the sales page correctly communicates the recurring payments and the cancellation methods, or you can get into trouble. That is one of the reasons why it is better to become a CPA affiliate marketer than work directly for the company; the information is usually checked by account managers before you see the campaign.

Lead Generation Offers –The Easiest Way to Get Started With CPA Affiliate Marketing

The simplest and fastest way to reach the minimum payout (usually 50 dollars) is to run some simple lead generation offers. You might choose to set up your unique landing page and make people sign up for your list, therefore, you can later promote higher payout products for them, too. To find out more about getting started with CPA affiliate marketing check the link below.

CPA Affiliate marketing