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Many affiliates make a mistake when they want to master every single affiliate marketing method under the Sun. It is understandable because we all sometimes suffer from information overload when it comes to affiliate marketing methods, and every single guru swears that that particular method is responsible for everybody’s success.

Careful Selection of Affiliate Methods

However the truth is far from this. If you are looking to master every affiliate marketing method you are just getting confused and will never get anywhere. It is just like wanting go go somewhere and trying to get there a hundred different ways. So you go, try one way turn back, go back to start and take the other route. The truth is that you only have to master a few methods and keep on doing them to become successful in Internet marketing. But you must never give up.

Tailor-Made Promotions

Which affiliate marketing methods you want to pick will depend on your personality and abilities. If you are not the type of person who can sit all day and create sales pages, articles, press releases it is not going to work for you. However you can still do video marketing, that needs no writing, and can put your personality through. If you are not good at statistics and analytics, SEO is not the best for you either, and if you try to advertise on PPC.

 Budget and Affiliate Promotions

The other thing that determines your best affiliate marketing method is your budget. We can talk about material assets and non-material assets here. You either have a budget to advertise your business or affiliate products or not. But even if you are opting for free advertising, you need to invest time into learning, time to advertise and energy. And you do have to do the maths if the time you spent on promoting products gave you a good hourly rate or not. If not, you do either need to tweak your promotion or change the method.

 Tweaking Your Campaigns

Generally speaking: it is always paying off better if you are trying to tweak an offer, sales letter, traffic generation method than completely changing it. You can install Google analytics and Website optimizer as well to get to know how much small changes can affect your opt in and conversion rate. It is much cheaper than setting up new pages and gives you results right away.


Finding the right affiliate marketing methods for your internet business is not easy and you have a long way to go. However once you found what is working for you the success of your affiliate marketing business is guaranteed.