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Many affiliate marketers spend most of their time looking for the next hot marketing product or push button software to make a million dollars in a week. STOP. There is no such thing as magic software. There is hard work in the beginning, bum marketing, SEO, research and sweating. And there is less work and more money every day. But only if you stop believing in miracles.


Investing In Internet Marketing Training

If you walked down the street and I walked to you saying: if you give me a hundred dollars, I guarantee that you will have a thousand in a week. Not from me, but I will use my magic. You would think that I am insane. This is similar to all those big launches making you losing money every day, instead of making it.

The Secret of Affiliate Marketing

The only secret to making money with affiliate marketing is to find a niche, find a promotion method that works for you and your audience, test and tweak the methods and increase your revenue. Anybody who says that there is magic is lying. Of course, there are shortcuts to affiliate marketing, and the more you find out about other people’s traffic generation and marketing methods, the better your position will be. I am not saying that you should never buy information products.

Advanced Affiliate Methods

You just need to disallow different promotions and methods making you lose your focus. If there is something that already works in your affiliate marketing and produces results (no matter how small), you are spending your time better tweaking those methods than binning them and starting something completely different, just because some other marketers are using that system.

Complete Affiliate Marketing System

The best affiliate marketing system is the one you will set up for yourself. You can’t copy someone a hundred percent, because we are all different. If you are not comfortable using the methods they use or are not as fast as they are, you will be left behind. Find a traffic generation method that you enjoy and can do better than the majority of other marketers. Test it and modify it accordingly. Set up a sales funnel you are comfortable with, and you will succeed.