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There are many people wondering if there is money to be made on Amazon Kindle Publishing other than writing a book like Fifty Shades of Grey. The fact is that there are thousands of people trying their hands on the site and the majority of them earn less than a hundred dollars a week. That is far off a full time income, and many authors struggle with selling more than a few books a day. The below guide would provide starting up writers with some advice on how to make the most out of their Kindle Publishing.


Original Content will Make Money with Kindle Publishing

A few months back, it was easy to publish a PLR eBook on Kindle without any problems. However, as the company started to focus on quality, there are several originality checks in place. The royalties for PLR books are reduced to 30 percent, and the free promotion is not available. On the other hand, creating a niche eBook from scratch and setting it up for Kindle Direct Publishing can work, provided that it is targeting the right people and the price is correctly set.


Market Research and Kindle Profits

There is no Kindle Publishing success without adequate research, and – thanks to the internet – it is very easy to carry out. Checking popular niche forums, blogs and Yahoo Answers sites is a great idea when trying to target the audience. Looking at similar books and their statistics, popularity would also help accomplishing the goal. That will give the author a good idea about the ideal length and price as well.


Getting Feedback for More Kindle Profits

It is good to enroll the product to KDP Select and set up a free promotion to get feedback. However, it is well known that doing so would attract “review trolls” who are usually hired by the competition to ruin the reputation of the author. Therefore, setting up the promotion for a low price would possibly be the best solution to get real and honest reviews on Kindle Publishing. Some people would rate the book low for one little formatting error, therefore, previewing the book before hitting the button is essential for Kindle profits and good reviews.


Stay Away from Fake Reviews

There are many people offering Amazon review services on freelance websites and This method has worked a couple of months back, and sometimes still does. However, Amazon has become more cautious and tracks down professional reviewers resulting in all the reviews of the product disappearing overnight. Getting family members to write a review is not the solution, either. However, offering a free copy for a honest review is not against the policies.


Fast Kindle Profits

There are, indeed many people who have managed to make it on Amazon and pull in fast Kindle profits. It does not happen overnight, and the process involves learning some promotional and marketing skills. Thankfully, there are many great guides published on the Internet about getting started with Kindle Publishing, and these cover the basics of formatting, publishing and marketing to help people get started with their online venture on Amazon selling eBooks.

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