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If you are looking to improve your affiliate marketing business in the new year and would like to make some improvements, you will need to start planning ahead. The below article is the exact blueprint I am using in order to review the processes and projects of my internet marketing in 2013 for maximum affiliate commissions and sales of my own products. No matter if you are marketing services, your own books or other people’s training; the below tips will be relevant to your affiliate marketing business in 2013.

Skyrocket your affiliate marketing commissions in 2013

Affiliate commissions



On the first day of the year, give your affiliate marketing a reality-check. Are your sites aimed at people you would like to reach? Are you promoting products that people want to buy or just jump from one ClickBank product to another? You should find out more about your market; especially the shifts that took place in the affiliate industry in the past year. People might be looking for something new you can provide them. And if you are one of the few who has it, you can crack the code without following the gurus.


Traffic Generation

You also need to have a look at the statistics of the year. Did your traffic generation method bring in enough relevant visits to make a living? Did you stick to a plan or changed it as you read about a “hot method” on the internet? You need to give every process a couple of months in testing, and this means you build up campaigns from the ground. SEO takes a couple of months to kick in, and you have to make sure you use the traffic generation method that costs you the least energy and money and brings in the most results.


What Brings You Closer to More Affiliate Commissions

Traffic itself does not bring you money. You need to aim for relevant affiliate traffic. You have to look at the conversion rates, as well as the cost of campaigns to find the most suitable solution. Your links and sites have to be out where buyers are. Are you just shooting the links everywhere;  irrelevant to the niche? Have you got a niche social bookmarking and social media account for every niche you work in? If not, you need to start the year with creating separate, relevant accounts. This is a step I neglected for a while, and I experienced a lower quality traffic and poor conversions as a result.


Ditch That Guru

Do you really need a guru to tell you what you need? If yes, is their message relevant to your business? If you are not keen on video marketing, there is no point buying a training on the method, no matter what the author claims. Every traffic generation method should suit your personality trait and your audience. Just because the guru wants to make sales, it does not mean that he created an affiliate marketing training product just for you.


Follow Your Own Path

You need to ask yourself; what it the internet promotion activity that brings you closer to your goals. This might not be the same as someone else’s in the same affiliate marketing niche. Therefore, make sure that you are doing things (20%) that bring in 80 percent of your commissions or profits. I am not saying to focus on ditching the rest, but never neglect the most productive activities.


Build up an Internet Promotion Schedule and Stick to It

Once you have identified the most productive activities, you need to set yourself targets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This does not mean that you will have to work like a maniac; it only means that you are the master of your own fortune and your own supervisor. Don’t let laziness stir you off your path; give yourself some rewards and turn off your Facebook and the phone. This way you get the most important things done first and feel good about yourself. After you start seeing results, you will never want to go back to the old ways. Good luck for 2013 in your affiliate marketing.