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Getting visitors to a blog does not seem to be a hard task when you look at the task first. However it is important to know there is a huge difference to get visitors to your blog and getting visitors that are looking for the product you are offering on your affiliate blog. What is the difference? Zero commissions and shy-high affiliate commissions. So if you are looking to improve your online affiliate marketing business you should read on.

 Targeted Visitor Is the Key

If you are looking to get targeted visitors to your affiliate blog you have to first make sure that you are not targeting a wide audience but diversifying your blog. Therefore you are going to make sure you target the exact keywords that people are searching for and you can provide the solutions for their queries. There is no point putting on a general blog hoping that somebody will once get interested in one of the hundred topics you are posting about.

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 Article Marketing Strategies to Generate Traffic

Article marketing is a proven way to get targeted visitors. As reading an article about something, or searing for information on a product or solution is a strong indication of interest. If you can set up a good resource box for your article it is more than likely you are getting a good opt in rate to your sign up page if you are targeting the right audience.

 Social Media for Affiliate Traffic

Facebook fan pages are proven ways to get targeted visitors to your affiliate blog and get subscribers, even raving fans who log in to Facebook every day just to see if you have a new post on your blog that is worth checking out.

 JV Offers

JV offers and ad swaps are very effective to get targeted visitors. All you do have to do is to arrange an ad swap with another website owner who has an affiliate blog on a similar topic (make sure you are not dealing with competition here), and send out mailings or free offers for each other. For this you will have to have a reasonable number of interested people on your list already.

 The Power of Returning Affiliate Traffic

Returning visitors’ value is usually underestimated among affiliate marketers, however they are more likely to buy from you than brand new ones. And research shows that it takes on the average 8 impressions to convince a person to buy, so make sure you direct your subscribers back to your affiliate blog as often as possible.