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Today I am going to help you decide which niche to enter with your affiliate marketing product. Some people will tell you that you should be looking for an untapped market. Just think how many people are already on the Internet. If the small niche you find is so profitable, you can be sure that it would have been discovered long ago by other affiliate marketers.


There is an easy check-list I would like to share with you. This will determine how much money you can make of affiliate marketing in the given niche. It doesn’t matter how many other affiliate marketers are already in the marketplace, if you can diversify your offer. Read the affiliate marketers’ check-list below to find out more.


– Are products (physical and digital currently being sold?

– Are people ready to pay for a solution to get their problem fixed?

– Can you become an expert in the topic in a reasonable time?

– Are there profitable affiliate marketing programs created by networks?

– Does your niche support an upsell for a higher priced product?

– Are other affiliates making a living of the niche? If yes, how many?



The research when choosing a niche for affiliate promotion should be done properly, or you will never succeed. First you need to check the niche blogs and forums, where people in your niche are asking questions and looking for information. Research the forums and try to establish yourself as an expert by answering questions and providing free info.


After you have researched the niche, you can select a sub-niche. It is important that you are not going for broad niches, as it will be hard to diversify yourself and your offers. Check Clickbank and Paydotcom for suitable products to promote and set up your freebie squeeze page. The easiest way to test the waters of your new affiliate market is to set up a one time offer using a free script after people sign up. If the offer converts, you can go ahead and create your affiliate pages, write content and drive traffic.


The next steps of setting up your affiliate promotion will be detailed in the next article. Sign up for the free update service to get notified of the new guide posted.