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For many affiliates it is a great challenge to find somebody they can trust and learn from. Finding an affiliate marketing trainer is not easy, as the Internet is full of offers and it is hard to determine how legitimate the person is. There are affiliate marketing training programs that provide video material, updates, membership to a site, but you have to firstly ensure the person you are looking to follow and learn affiliate marketing from is the right one. It might be that you are looking to learn one method of generating traffic to your sites and offers, but you are given something totally irrelevant.

The Person

You have to ensure that the person who is looking to teach you affiliate marketing is currently practicing the methods the teaches. They have to have a proven record of making sales and being a super-affiliate, to be trusted. You do not want to end up with some age old methods that do not work anymore. You need to also review customer feedback on the site and visit forums to find out more about the person. I personally always key in the “affiliate marketing trainer name + scam” into Google to find relevant results and find out if the person is legitimate.

The Offer

You also have to check out the offer carefully. How well is the sales page build up and how many modules are you delivered? There is no point signing up for a training and then later finding out that you are only getting some PLR articles and e-books delivered to your inbox. You are looking for relevant and specialist affiliate marketing training, which is going to provide you with continued support as well.

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The Testimonials

Carefully review the testimonials on the web page, and check out if there is anybody you can contact on there if you had any more questions about the affiliate marketing training. Also check how legitimate the testimonials are.

The Guarantees

With so many affiliate marketing training offers on the Internet you will need to carefully check what guarantees you get with purchasing the training package. The most common and beneficial guarantees are the the “no questions asked money-back guarantees” but you need to see if there is a contact address or support system in place, otherwise you might end up disappointed.

The Details

Every detail counts when it comes to affiliate marketing training. The frequency of the updates, any support you might get all the way through and also if you are able to complete the training in your own pace. What are the bonuses offered and what to do if you get stuck?

I have recently reviewed a few of the online affiliate marketing training programs and I found that Gabor Olah and Peter Lenkefi’s Super Affiliate Edge is ticking all the boxes.

If you are looking for further training, I would advise you to check out Lee McIntyre’s Mr SuperAffiliate Course. Alternatively, you can check out our Marketing With Anik 2.0 Review.