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It is Sunday morning. I am looking at my websites first, and then I move into the garden. The birds are singing and the sun is shining (unusual for England). And then I look back (sent the kids and my husband to buy some more DIY stuff) into my affiliate marketing career and my life. I finally realize what it means: entrepreneurial mind-set. If you are thinking if you were born an entrepreneur and you will ever make it in affiliate marketing, read on.


I had been struggling in affiliate marketer, and when I lost my job in the largest financial institution (what a relief), I realized that I needed to do something. I went into freelance writing and built my business at the same time. Launched a couple of products, promoted even more, and it just did not want to happen. Did SEO and got page ranks, still nothing. I kept on writing. And then I started to test and tweak. I set myself goals and put my dreams on the wall so I can see.


As a successful affiliate marketer now, I love waking up, logging into my affiliate account and finding sales. I no longer have to write 12 hours a day to keep my mortgage payments. But it was hard work. And I know that I am an entrepreneur because I always aim higher. I want more success, love duplicating my results, and all that is because I never gave up affiliate marketing.


If you are wondering what makes a successful affiliate marketer, I can tell you: it is the ability to not to give up. If you are still trying after many years, you are going to make it. But if you give up, you don’t give yourself a chance. Unfortunately the Internet marketing industry is full of scammers and cheaters. But you just need to shake off the disappointments and carry on trying. Lastly I would like to tell you a story that I remember for life. When I took on life coaching (just after finding out that my job was going to be axed) I remembered this small episode and this helped me a lot keeping my focus.


I was once hiking in the mountains with my friend. (It was about 15 years ago). We got lost and we saw a small village with houses. It was getting late and we were in the middle of nowhere; no paths, no signs and no roads around. I suggested that we should aim into that direction. He said no. I said; OK, you stay. We got to the bottom of the hill and already saw the gardens. But they were surrounded by 7 feet fences. There was no way to get into the village. I said: Climb over. He said: no.


I went in the garden, hoping that there were no dogs on loose. It was a holiday home and nobody was home.  There was no way to get into the village, because the garden was about 10 feet above the street level. My friend suggested turning back. I insisted. I walked around the empty house, just to find a 10 feet ladder at the back. We let the ladder down and got into the village. We found a pub, asked where we was an when was the next bus back to the city. If I gave up, I should have slept in the forest. I usually refer to this as a “ladder story” and try to create more of these ladder solutions in my affiliate marketing. Have you got a “ladder story” you will keep in your mind in case you want to give up affiliate marketing? If yes, share it and use it as a free motivational tool.