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In the competitive market of affiliate marketing, there is a need for a new approach; providing more value than other marketers. Indeed; there are two options; adding your own bonuses including products you have already created. Or you can find PLR products if you have none on your own and increase affiliate revenue this way. Below you will find some of the most effective tips on how to use PLR products to cash in more affiliate commissions.


Find Products to Promote

First, there is a need for a popular and proven to convert affiliate marketing product. It is not a requirement to add the bonus to a newly launched Clickbank product, but it also works well and this way one can eliminate the competition by providing more than other affiliate marketers. Alternatively, products that have been selling well in the past can be promoted this way with affiliate marketing, increasing conversions and affiliate revenue.


Locate PLR Products Relevant to the Offer

Once the affiliate product has been chosen, it is time to find a PLR product to add as a bonus. There are many sites offering these, such as JV giveaways and Gabor Olah’s PLR Wholesaler site. It is important to check that the bonus product can add value to the original one and it makes buyers’ life easier. Branding the product should be easy, and in most cases the affiliate’s own links can be added as well. The product should not be older than two years and it needs to represent a real value; answer to the problems buyers have.


Add a Bonus to Your Affiliate Pages

Once setting up the bonus and buying the PLR product, it is time to set up a custom affiliate landing page. Highlighting the bonus,

Increase affiliate revenue

stating its value and benefits would not only sell the original product but also distinguish the offer and make people buy from the page instead of other affiliates’. It is important to tell customers on the page how to obtain the bonus; send a support email, forward the receipt or it is delivered automatically.


Explain the Value the Bonus Adds to the Original Offer

The bonus needs to complement the original affiliate product. For example; when selling a weight loss training, it is a good strategy to add a healthy cookbook as a bonus or a free calorie calculator, maybe a report on speeding up people’s metabolism. However, adding another affiliate offer is not advisable; unless there is an upsell that the marketer wants to take advantage of. PLR products are available for a low cost on may sites and they can add hundreds of dollars to the affiliate campaign’s revenue.