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After so many respected CPA affiliate networks went out of business you might be wondering whether it is worth to change your strategies or try your hands on a different marketing model online. With different CPA training guides appearing on the internet every single week, one might be wondering whether gurus are truly trying to teach advanced affiliate marketing methods or just want to get rid of a CPA training that has no use for them anymore. Below you will find some details about the latest developments of CPA affiliate marketing and find out for yourself whether it is still one of the profitable affiliate marketing methods online.


CPA marketing training

CPA affiliate markeitng

After the improvements of mobile computing and other shifts on the market, most of the super-affiliates of CPA affiliate marketing have moved towards mobile offers, offering a better ROI. The truth is that there are many CPA companies going out of business because there is a huge competition and the guidelines for advertising have changed. Running a network has become more demanding and compliance issues alongside with profitability have made a huge impact on the industry.


What Makes CPA Affiliate Marketing Successful in 2013

CPA marketing can still be profitable for most affiliates who are prepared to change their attitudes towards campaigns and offers. There are hundreds of networks offering ways to make money in different niches, but some of these niches are overcrowded or not profitable anymore. Those who already have a name and established audience in one of the large niches will still make money, but breaking into CPA affiliate marketing has become harder.


Changes in Affiliate Marketing Methods

Instead of PPC, today PPV is dominating. Building a list of buyers is a must for every affiliate marketer today, and as people are vary of paid ads and search engines have changed their algorithms a lot in the past 2 years, SEO has become harder as well. On the other hand, niche marketing with blogs and content based list building, if done right can be profitable today.


CPA Networks – How to Choose

Affiliates who want guarantees that they will get paid by the network will need to select their company carefully. There are a few that are still in business and stay on the marketplace for a long time. The two most reliable and respected networks I have been working with are Maxbounty and Neverblue. The support provided for affiliates is good and the payouts are prompt. It is, however, not easy to get accepted by these networks; one will need to have an established domain and proof of traffic.


How to Select Your CPA Marketing Training

If you are just looking to break into a niche or start CPA affiliate marketing, it is best to get the right training that will help you choose the most profitable and cheapest traffic generation methods in 2013.  There are many out there, but the two we have found the most valuable are SuperAffiliateEdge and CPA Relapse. If you are serious about mastering CPA affiliate marketing methods, you should get first-hand information, too.