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Some expert affiliate marketers offer free training on their blog, and you can even sign up for newsletters of some of the gurus. However, you might get better results if you follow a free step-by-step system set up by someone, who is not a guru, knows how hard it is to make that first sale online, and will not throw all the advanced stuff on you. Here are some tips on how to find a free affiliate training program free, without having to face too many upsell offers.

Step By Step Affiliate Training

The truth is that so many people are making a lot of money on affiliate sites, but do not play the Guru game. They are content with the money they make and like helping others get to where they are. I have come across many affiliate-marketing trainers who changed, though. They realize that there is a chance to make a lot of money and start creating hype around their training. So the truth is that you need to start following people, who have not yet entered that stage in their career and will be happy to help you for free.

Gurus’ Training

Some gurus are still maintaining a free blog, and you can sign up for their newsletters as well. Still, to save money, you will need to look for quality training. We have to warn you that some marketers use age-old PLR content to offer for free, and you can’t expect these to work just as well as the hottest current affiliate methods. You would like to follow the strategies and methods of a person, who is already making money.

Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Training

Before you choose an affiliate marketing training, you will have to check what the person’s methods are for traffic generation, marketing and list building. There is no point trying to master a method that requires a lot of investment, when you are a newbie in affiliate marketing. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you can really master those methods. If the affiliate marketing trainer uses article writing to get more traffic, but you are not good at that, you will need to choose another method to get your business off the ground.

Follow the Leaders?

It is almost impossible to make money online simply by following someone. Be aware of those copy and paste programs. The system that works for one affiliate marketer might not produce results for you, and you will need to make sure that you are personalizing the methods and making them your own, to succeed.