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If you have been lost in the Internet marketing world and would like to find out where your website visitors are coming from, and how to make more sales, you might be interested in the new Extreme Traffic Robot service, available for free. You can get a free account and by splitting your traffic, you can test different Internet marketing methods. Even if you are in the affiliate marketing world and have no products on your own, you can benefit from a free Extreme Traffic Robot account a great deal. Read the details below and find out whether this could help you make more money online.


Extreme Traffic Robot for CPA Affiliate Marketing

If you are in the CPA affiliate marketing world, you might be losing money at the moment. I have previously lost hundreds of dollars because the geographical targeting of my traffic wasn’t right, and people simply got redirected to a stupid offer that nobody cared about, as they were not eligible to view the offer. If this sounds familiar for you, Extreme Traffic Robot has the solution. You can divide your traffic and show different offers to people based on their location, browser. You can even have a separate campaign for mobile offers, if you want to.


Extreme Traffic Robot for Clickbank Promotions

Clickbank is another important way of making money online; however, there are sometimes restrictions for promotion. If you are able to exclude some groups from showing the offer, or want only your returning or email traffic to be redirected to the Clickbank sales page, you can do it. The Extreme Traffic Robot system will give you all the tools you need, and there is no limit of marketing opportunities. You can choose to present your email traffic with one type of Clickbank offer, and another one with a free download, to capture leads.



Low-Cost Traffic Solutions

When you get free traffic, you would like to measure the conversions and return visitor rate, as well as the geographical targeting of your campaign. Once you have the free Extreme Traffic Robot system up and running, in just a few simple steps, you will be able to see what even Google does not tell you. The site gives you various targeting options and low cost traffic solutions in one place. You can create unlimited Extreme Traffic Robotes and sell your promotions, or buy highly targeted traffic yourself, based on your preferences.


Testing Built In Your Extreme Traffic Robot Account

You will get all the testing features built in your traffic, and there is no minimum spend. If you are confused about pay per view and pay per click solutions, you need to find a simple and low risk alternative that is easy to manage and maintain. If you decide to get traffic through the network, you will only have to pay for real visitors; no tricky scripts there. If you are targeting a local niche, you can set the traffic to be from 20 miles from a given postcode or location, as well. The advanced IP tracking system of Extreme Traffic Robot is something all Internet marketers have been waiting for.