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If you are a starting up affiliate you might need some internet marketing training and guidance to help you set up your affiliate marketing business. However many people are making money on the internet the honest way, there are some people who are using the affiliate marketer newbie market as a goldmine to scam people and make unrealistic promises concerning the free affiliate training they offer.


Affiliate marketing training is essential if you don’t want to learn internet marketing the hard way or from your own mistakes. There are some good people out there offering affiliate training for free however not many, and the majority of internet marketing guides and training programs are scams.

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affiliate training scams


Here are some easy steps to follow if you want to avoid being scammed by a guy who offers affiliate marketing training for free. Bear in mind that they are coming up with new tricks and sites every day so you have to keep your eyes open and think before you act and sign up for an affiliate training site.


The guy has a one page website.

OK, so this guy is making money on the Internet and wants to show you how you can copy him for free. But where is the content? Are you facing a one page site with blurred screen shots of his earnings and a professionally written squeeze page? What is the guy telling you about himself? Is he relevant or is his story believable? Can you see real testimonials and a contact page?


Have you searched for his name?

Chances are that every person who s offering free affiliate marketing training is trying to sell you something. Have you checked if he is associated with a referral affiliate marketing program that he wants to pull you into so you will build his riches? Is he publishing videos, training materials, and is he mentioned in forums, internet marketing blogs?


Is the free training free?

The new regulations clearly state that when you are signing up for a free trial it should be stated on the same page how much you are going to get billed each month after the trial period. Are you being presented with a Paypal button or Credit Card details box after signing up for free affiliate marketing training? If yes, get your running shoes quick!


Is there an upgrade option?

Every free affiliate training site should have a free members area where you can browse the content and get familiar with the person behind the content and internet marketing training. However if you cannot access anything on the site you signed up for without upgrading or paying a penny, that guy is a scammer and you should leave.


Have you searched for the free affiliate training site’s name plus scam in Google?

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review of affiliate marketing training

It is important to know what other people think about the free affiliate training program, You might not be losing money but you can waste a lot of time and energy listening to a guy who is not worth listening to. I came across some people who once bought t he Private Label Rights to a 3-4 year old training program and sold that through free trials. Do you really want to learn from these scammers?


Listen to your gut.

Give yourself time and loads of options before you do join a free affiliate training site and you will save time and energy. If you are concentrating on too many affiliate training sites at a time, you will never get to learn any method.


Choosing the right free affiliate marketing training is an important decision when you are starting up your online business. If I put my hand on my heart I can only recommend two sites that fulfill the promises.


Make Me a Millionaire

Is great when you are setting up your first affiliate site, this site gives you step by step free affiliate training videos including SEO, traffic generation and templates from super-affiliate Tim Bekker. Check out the Make Me a Millionaire training, praised by many starting up affiliates.


Lee McIntyre and Get More Momentum Coaching

Lee is an honest guy who gives away loads of free affiliate training and tutorials and shares his knowledge and methods of successful Internet marketing. Check out the Momentum Marketing System to get expert tips on affiliate marketing.