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Serious affiliates are constantly looking for ways to improve their business and pull in more affiliate revenue to their accounts. However there is so much information out there, and we all know that every new training package is considered to be the Holy Grail of Internet marketing, I have tested and ranked the best methods to improve your affiliate marketing business fast.


Get more traffic

The number one method of improving your affiliate business is to pull in more traffic. In this phase you do have to concentrate on getting traffic to the affiliate offer, sales page or squeeze page in order to be able to sell more. Affiliate marketing is a numbers game. More targeted traffic means more money.


Get the traffic to return

Other than working on traffic generation to your offer you can set up a blog where you are posting free articles, resources and training files, and get people to sign up for the site. That way you can create a fan base that is going to see your offer more than once. It is very important, a study shows that it takes at least 8 impressions on the average for a person to buy a product.


Build your own list

If you pulled in a visitor to your affiliate offer and made a sale, that is great. Congratulations! However if you do not have that person’s details you are not likely to sell them more products. What a shame! So you do have to also concentrate on building your own list and maximize your visitors’ value as much as possible.


Create your own products

Having your own product is not only going to give you credibility, it is also going to give you an idea of what your visitors like or dislike, what they are looking to spend their money on. So once you have created a product and made some sales, you will have a buyers’ list that you can successfully promote affiliate offers.


Diversify yourself

In today’s competition on the affiliate marketing market it is very important for a marketer to stand out and make themselves interesting enough so potential customers do listen to him. You can create personal videos, free reports or bonuses for your affiliate offers that nobody else is offering.


It is proven that using the above methods above can improve affiliate results overnight. Give them a try and you will see your income increasing and people following your footsteps after seeing your success in affiliate marketing.