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Getting website traffic is the essential of online marketing. Getting targeted traffic is even more important. Traffic generation is hard work, takes time, and involves loads of testing. To save you time and energy I just list five of the easiest traffic generation tactics you can use to build up your online business.


  1. Using Article Marketing.

    Google will check how many links are pointing to your website, every time it gets indexed or re-indexed. It is therefore important to build backlinks. You simply write some articles around your topic (research your niche first) and submit it with your website address in the Resource box. You don’t have to submit the article to hundreds of article directories, it is enough to find the ones that have a high Google page rank and good reputation. Always create backlinks on sites with higher page rank than your site. Google checks the quality of backlinks as well as the quantity.

  2. Using Social Bookmarking

    Once you have some articles submitted in directories, you can actually put it on your website as well. Google likes new content and also likes pages with more sites, updated regularly. You can then simply submit your article or blog to social bookmarking sites, and get high quality links as well as visitors.

    Use this free tool to submit your site quickly to multiple social bookmarking sites.


  3. Use Twitter Regularly. 

    Not only for bookmarking, but for following people with the same interest as you, learning from them, studying their tactics, and answering incoming messages. Other than posting on the “wall” you can actually contact your followers, introduce yourself, (no hard selling here), tell them about your blog, and socialize.

  4. Create Videos and Submit Them on Video Sharing Sites.

    Have a report you are giving away, something on your blog people would be interested in? Copy the bullet points into a Power Point editor, get a screen capture software and you can do the narration. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just straight to the point and interesting. Use your targeted keywords in the title. Include your link if the viewer is interested further, they can read on, opt in, download the PDF format, etc.

  5. Participate in your niche’s forums, or start a new forum focusing on your niche.

    If people get to know you, you are being helpful on forums, comment on other people’s blogs, you are branding yourself. By branding yourself you are also building trust, and positioning yourself as an authority figure. If people start to trust you they are more likely to opt in to your list or buy your products. Remember: people buy from people, not companies.

    I am sure the above free methods will bring in sign ups and sales, if you master them. Nobody was born an internet marketer. As with everything, you will need lots of practice and determination. But I can promise you: you will see the results.