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If you would like to succeed in affiliate marketing, it is important that you create the right infrastructure. If you were to manufacture a new product, you would need the right machinery and equipment. This is true when it comes to making money online, too. There are some basic tools affiliate marketers can’t live without, unless they would like to spend all day trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Below you will find a list of five of them.

  1. SEO Tools

It is important that you take care of your search engine rankings, or you might never see enough traffic for conversions. The good news is that a basic SEO tool such as Google’s Webmaster tool will give you basic information on how many visitors your site had, which pages were the most popular, and how you can improve your campaigns. If you are looking to target specific keywords, you might even invest in an advanced SEO software that works with all your sites.

2. Link Trackers

It is also important that you can check whether or not your merchant or CPA network is tracking your link clicks and conversions. You can get a link tracker that will help you keep an eye on your real time statistics and make faster adjustments to your campaigns. If you are using ClickBank or Infusionsoft, delays can be normal, so it is important that you keep on checking your click rate and conversion.3. 

3. Social Media Tools

Let’s be honest; nobody has the time and energy to keep on posting on social media sites every day. You can automate the process by signing up for one of the social media management tools that will allow you to automatically share updates and schedule your posts, so you have more time to think about your next creative marketing move. The good news is that you can keep an eye on your social media engagement and ranking by monitoring your activities using SocialRankJetSuite or other software.

4. Advanced Marketing Software

You will certainly need to invest in a marketing campaign management software, especially if you are using multiple sites and promotions. If you are looking for an advanced suite developed by merchants and affiliates, you should check out Anik Singal’s latest offer that includes access to various software, training, and support for a lifetime.

5. Autoresponders

Affiliate marketing tips: software you will need to get started

It is crucial that you don’t only drive visitors to your merchants’ sites and offers but also build your own personal brand. For this, you will need an autoresponder. There are plenty of free ones, but we like MailChimp, as it offers training and lets you customize your campaigns, so you can improve your email marketing and see your statistics with a click of a button. You can also track click rates and get a rating for each subscriber.

If you are serious about making it in the competitive world of affiliate marketing, it is important that you invest in tools that will help you understand what you are doing well or wrong. Consider the above software before getting started.