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When people are trying to maximize their online income as an affiliate marketer, they are usually trying to increase their traffic. It is not easy to do that in today’s competitive online marketing world, therefore, below we have featured some easy alternatives to earn more money and increase affiliate revenue.


Instead of focusing on increasing the volume of traffic, affiliates should ensure that they are getting a better conversion rate by optimizing their online campaigns. Many affiliate marketers make a mistake by simply setting up the promotion and moving to the next one. This is not a clever idea, as creating a campaign takes a long time. Unless the promotion is well optimized, it will not make the most possible money.


Looking for products to promote with a potential upsell will increase affiliate revenue without any extra effort. People forget about this feature, and even if the upsell only converts on every 10th sale, it is still more money in the bank and there is no need to increase the volume of traffic. Still, it is even better to look for programs that offer residual income opportunities alongside with the one off sale, so one can build up their online income fast. Starting with a low involvement campaign and moving towards a high ticket upsell should be the target.


Building a list will mean that the affiliate marketer has a targeted audience they can sell products to over and over again. This method only requires setting up a lead capture page and does not cost any extra effort. Acquiring a customer costs a lot, so why would an affiliate marketer just leave them after selling them one product? Having a squeeze page displayed before the affiliate offer appears does not do any harm, and it also helps people build their own brand instead of the vendor’s.


Adding bonuses to ClickBank or other affiliate network offers is also a good way to increase conversions and earn more money from affiliate marketing. When a new product is released chances are that hundreds of other affiliate marketers will be there trying to sell the same thing to the same customers. Giving visitors a good enough reason to buy from the site they just landed on through bonuses and tips will increase affiliate revenue.