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If you have already heard about CPA marketer Imram Naseem, you might know that he is the guy who is making a huge amount of money wit promoting CPA affiliate offers. His CPA Relapse 1 training package was a huge success among starting up affiliates, now he is returning once more to help them adopt to the changes of CPA affiliate marketing. There are many new regulations a new affiliate has to comply with, and it is also hard to pick the promotion methods which are still working.

An increasing number of Internet marketers are trying to make money with CPA offers. Most of them are failing because they haven’t had a good training or did get the whole thing completely wrong. Setting up a CPA affiliate marketing business requires long term planning and careful choice of programs, offers and promotion methods. That is what CPA Relapse 2 is teaching marketers, and the training is available at a very low price.

What Does CPA Relapse 2 Teach Internet Marketers

This is the most comprehensive CPA training ever created, as it is written and published by one of the top earning CPA gurus. However Imran does not hide his methods, and is starting the training at the beginners’ level, enabling people new to CPA affiliate marketing learn the basics before they can start working on their own methods and campaigns.

It consists of a video series module and some PDF reports. They are closely related to each other, and it is advisable to read and watch them in the order the author recommended. The videos give step by step instructions to joining a CPA affiliate network, choosing campaigns to run and setting up promotions.

Which CPA Affiliate Marketing Methods are Covered

The training covers the most popular methods to make money with CPA offers. Starting with affiliate review pages, to video marketing. If you are just starting up affiliate promotions, you will want to know why Facebook marketing and PPC is considered to be the most effective methods to run CPA offers. But Imran is concentrating on free methods mostly, to help you get started at the lowest possible cost.

Are You Guaranteed to Make Money with CPA Offers?

Unfortunately nobody can give you a guarantee for that. All the program is providing is a top notch CPA training guide and an overview of marketing different offers. Although the structure of the training is set up in a way that you can use it as a blueprint, the results will depend on you. You will have to make your own decisions which campaigns to choose and how to promote them.

What Did we Like about CPA Relapse 2

The training is giving users a clearer view of current CPA affiliate marketing methods than CPA Relapse 1 did. It is also containing more examples of campaigns and the videos are showing the exact steps a person has to make to make money with CPA offers.

What is Missing of CPA Relapse 2

I would say some update features would have been nice, however the information is available all over the Internet. It would have made people’s life easier if they were given first hand information about market changes and new regulations.

Final rating: I think that CPA Relapse 2 is the most complete training program on CPA affiliate marketing, and is providing a full review for people wanting to get started in that business at a low price.